HOLLYWOOD—Summer is here and the laughs are upon us, and if there is one show that delivers hilarity week after week it’s the ABC Family hit “Baby Daddy.” This kooky comedy revolves around the life of Ben Wheeler (Jean-Luc Bilodeau), as he finds himself raising a child after a one-night stand. The series has evolved to a family-friendly sitcom that brings plenty of charm and lessons in each episode.

Each season the series has gotten progressively better in my opinion as the chemistry between the cast becomes evident as the characters mesh so well it’s unbelievable. The three amigos, as I’d like to call them, Ben, Tucker (Tahj Mowry) and Danny (Derek Theler) are roommates whose daily lives intervene with taking care of Emma while navigating through the busy world of New York amongst other places.

While some might expect the series to be overpowered with testosterone, there are two ladies who bring laughs a mile a minute. Chelsea Kane portrays Riley Perrin, a family friend of the Wheelers who had a torch for Ben growing up, but her emotions are now connected to her best friend Danny. There is one slight problem; Danny has been secretly harboring his feelings for Riley who went oblivious for nearly three seasons.

Now that Danny is well aware of his BFF having feelings for him, he has given her the cold shoulder. Riley’s life has been a bit complicated. She recently ended her relationship with Danny’s brother, Ben, in her attempt to rekindle romance with Danny. One slight problem, Danny doesn’t seem too interested in a romance with his friend who he feels betrayed his trust. I mean when you manifest a fake boyfriend in an attempt to get your crush to pay attention to you, you might have a problem Riley.

Acting as a buffer between the friends is Tucker, who is the wisecracking smart guy on the series. Isn’t that witty how I threw in ‘smart guy’ in that phrase? Those not in the know will remember Mowry who had stints on the comedies “Full House” and “Smart Guy.” Tucker is a character who has no trouble saying what the rest of the world wants to say, but is not willing to say it at all times. He can get away with it cause his level of wit and clever comedic timing works so well on the show.

He goes toe-to-toe at times Bonnie, the matriarch of the Wheeler family. Melissa Peterman might be one of the funniest ladies on television who hasn’t gotten the kudos she deserves in the comedy arena. Peterman has perfect comedic timing, sarcasm, and brings charm to a character that is lovable and you miss every single time she steps away from the TV screen.

One thing that makes “Baby Daddy” such a laughable sitcom is that the show has no problem allowing each character to take center stage. As a viewer you never get the feeling that this show is completely defined by one person. One week Bonnie is in the spotlight, the next week it’s Tucker, Riley, Danny or Ben, the constant switch keeps the series fresh. That keeps the laughs coming. I will also acknowledge that the series is not afraid to get slightly dramatic at times, but not too dramatic to scare off comedy lovers.

What I love most about this series is that it delivers the perfect combination of laughter, fun characters and charm that makes the viewer feel as if he or she is sitting on the couch with their family. If you’re having a tough week, nothing will make you smile more than “Baby Daddy.” The series airs Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. on ABC Family.