HOLLYWOOD—On Monday, March 13, the season 21 finale of “The Bachelor” aired live on ABC. This season, Nick Viall (who previously appeared on multiple season of “The Bachelorette”) met 30 women and went on an incredible journey to find love.

On the season finale, Nick had to choose between the remaining two women who were fighting for his heart. At the end of the show, Nick revealed he had chosen Vanessa Grimaldi from Montreal, Canada. In the final episode, Vanessa expressed her concerns about them being in a committed relationship. Up until the proposal and final rose, she questioned if she would say yes to his proposal or if she would walk away from Nick, leaving him heartbroken. Despite her concerns, Vanessa said yes to the romantic proposal.

After 4 months of waiting, Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi were finally allowed to go public with their relationship. According to the rules of the show, the remaining couple had to stay private until the season finale aired. Nick’s decision to choose Vanessa wasn’t the most shocking moment of the night. Bachelor Nation was left unsure of the couple’s future after the host, Chris Harrison, interviewed the couple on the after show, “After the Final Rose.”

During the interview, Vanessa told Bachelor Nation that things had been difficult so far. Nick Vaill, a four-time “Bachelor” veteran, also expressed his concerns.

“I think even from the very beginning, I’m a realist,” Nick stated. “I can fall hard but I’ve always been a realist. That’s why you saw me have some of those fears and emotional moments and I think Vanessa and I continue to do that. There’s been those moments, we’ve had our struggles, but we are good communicators. We always talk. We’re still looking forward to having that first normal moment. We’re realistic and it’s something we’re looking forward to tackling together.”

Now that the show is over, they are both looking forward to living a normal life. The big struggle that was seen on the show is the distance between them. Nick and Vanessa live in separate countries, forcing them to grapple with a long-distance relationship. Although the obstacles they face are big, the couple remains optimistic about their future.

Written By Callie West