UNITED STATES—The bank, it’s a place so many Americans frequently visit once a week if not more. However, what happens when you enter the bank of your choice and you don’t have the good experience that you expect? Well, to be honest it could be game-changing in my opinion. I have been banking with the same bank for more than a decade. While I won’t name my bank, I’ll just make it clear that this bank is quite prevalent in many areas, so that should help you determine what bank I’m referring to.

However, as of late I’ve found myself having to enter the bank on Friday, a day I typically hate because it’s always busy. However, this particular day I was hoping to go in and out without a delay, however, it turned into a moment that left me livid, pissed and making complaints that I plan to uphold if it EVER happens to me again. The teller who assisted me seemed to be profiling me. I would like to believe that it had nothing to do with my race, however, this woman gave me no other indication it was anything else.

For starters, I’ve never seen this teller so it’s apparent she was new to the branch. Now understand this is a bank branch that I have frequently visited for years, and I mean years, so much to the point that they know my name and have come to expect me to stop by the office. However, this woman just looked like she was not in the best spirits or was having a day. Per policy, my bank requires you to fill out a slip and provide your ID when you are making or withdrawing money from your account.

I handed over my ID and slip, and this woman is looking me up and down for what seemed like a 10-15 minute transaction. I’m getting impatient; it does not take that long to conduct a withdrawal people. She asks me for my SSN, then asked me to sign my name again, than asks me where I work. Like seriously who the hell do you think you are? For the oddest reason, the teller thought what she was doing was funny, I did not see it as being funny at all, and I think she knew it. Making the situation worse, was the fact that it was a packed house at the bank so I did not want to make a big scene, but oh, did I ever call that branch and load one hell of a complaint.

I described the incident in detail to the branch manager about what transpired, and then I realized it might be wise for me to not just rely on the manager to do her job and perhaps have a conversation or reprimand the employee to make it clear she understands what she did was just unacceptable. So I yielded an even bigger complaint with the company via its headquarters. I made it crystal clear that if such an incident EVER happens to me again, I will deplete every single penny I have in my account and bank elsewhere. We’re already in a digital craze world, and to be honest going to the bank to deposit my paycheck, retrieve funds or take care of bills is something I enjoy.

However, I don’t earn enough interest on my money to feel obligated to want to stay at this bank. I’m someone who prides the importance of good customer service. I mean it was an industry I worked in for nearly 13 plus years. When you give good customer service, in return you yield loyal customers and people that respect you down the line. However, when you give bad customer service it can spread like a plague and if you piss off a customer once, that is all it takes to lose that customer forever. I hate to even argue that the idea of tellers at the bank will soon become a thing of the past, considering things are becoming so damn automated these days.

This was the first bad bank experience I ever encountered, and I will be CRYSTAL clear if it happens again, my bank will lose a loyal and valued customer. And once I’m gone people, I’m gone there will be no coming back!