UNITED STATES—Well, we are back at it once again people. Democrats and Republicans are wielding their level of immaturity and power once again to the American public, as Congress is set for a vote to either confirm or deny the appointment of President Donald Trump’s candidate for the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch. The back and forth pandering has been rumored for weeks, ever since Trump nominated Gorsuch as his candidate to fill the seat from Justice Antonin Scalia who died in February 2016.

This is quite contentious because when Scalia died, former President Barack Obama appointed Merrick Garland to fill Scalia’s seat, but the Republicans were having none of it. So much to the point they prevented Garland from even having a hearing for possible confirmation for a seat on the country’s highest court. So on one side of the coin, I can totally get why the Democrats have decided not to give Gorsuch the time of day; I mean it was the same thing the Republicans did with Merrick Garland.

It’s a game of you reap what you sew; the Republicans utilized dirty tactics to get their way, and now the Democrats are playing the same game that the Republicans made. So it leaves me questioning just why in the hell the Republicans are now planning to utilize the ‘nuclear option.’ Just what does that mean? Well, the Republicans have the opportunity, even if they are unable to obtain a majority two-thirds vote to utilize this option to still get Gorsuch confirmed by changing the rules. This means they would only need 51 votes to get Gorsuch confirmed to the highest courts.

Hmm, I’m not certain I like this idea at all. For one, it changes the rules, which means while the Republicans might get what they want; it makes it easier for the Democrats to do the same thing when the Democrats come into power. It will happen; the pendulum swings back and forth every so many years and there are plenty of Supreme Court justices who are aging people.

I think what the Republicans are considering can be quite dangerous. Not only does it change the rules of the world of politics, at the same time you’re making it clear to the American public, that if we don’t get the result that we want, we’re going to alter the rules to get what we want. I think most people call that cheating. Wouldn’t you agree?

America is a country dictated by democracy, so if Congress can’t come up with the two-thirds vote needed for a candidate to be appointed to the Supreme Court, find another candidate or attempt to come up with a compromise. I swear this feels like the longest 4 years Americans will see when it comes to the world of politics. It feels like the Republicans and Democrats are going to continually do the back and forth and implement all possible strategies to hinder their opponents, but at the same time not fathom, this will have a much greater impact on Americans then they suspect.

The Justices on the Supreme Court are always characterized as who is the most liberal or the most conservative. This isn’t a game people; the highest court has the power to change the dynamics of the law and the legal world as we know it. This is something I take very serious people; the law impacts the world in ways that some people don’t understand. I mean could you imagine the ramifications if Roe v. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court. That might unleash a level of chaos that neither Republicans nor Democrats could expect.