UNITED STATES—How often do you go to the bank? For me it’s at least ONCE a week, maybe TWICE depending on how much business I need to take care of. However, you might be stunned to hear this from me, but I have NEVER in my entire life utilized an ATM machine. I know that’s crazy right!? It is, but the ATM is not something I’m fond of; I really don’t trust it.

I am the type of person that likes face-to-face interaction. I need to see money given to me and know that if I have a discrepancy in the funds received, I can immediately have that fixed by talking to a teller. I mean a machine can be faulty, even though so many people seem to think otherwise. However, I recently have become accustomed to utilize mobile banking. I hate to say it, but it is a wonderful and I mean wonderful thing. Why? It saves me a bunch of time and it’s secure.

I can take a picture of my check with my tablet and have that check immediately deposited into my bank account. Now it takes a business day for the funds to be accessible in my bank account, but I am ok with that. Why? I know the check has been deposited, and if I actually need the funds I just have to wait a few hours to gain access to them. In addition, it prevents me from having to take a trip to the bank, especially if my schedule is so busy I just can’t get there. I like going to the bank, but I hate waiting in a massive line with only one teller helping customers with countless others peddling around in the bank. That is quite frustrating as a customer when it comes to banking. I will ALWAYS go to the bank in person as long as I live. I don’t want computers to take over jobs because when a problem arises, then what?

On top of that, this is a personal piece of advice to all Americans: don’t place all your funds in one bank account. You should have at least 2 different banks that you use for saving money and paying your bills. With that being said, there are some who do not trust banks and decide to keep funds locked in a secret stash in their home or safe. Not a bad idea, but I always think you should have a backup plan because your home is not 100 percent secure.

If you do bank, ensure your bank is FDIC ensured, which means if something happens to that bank, your funds are protected up to $250,000 in most cases; at least that is the case with my bank. Mobile banking is great, but I prefer that to NOT be on my cellphone. Why? If I lose my phone or someone gets their hands on my phone I could be in some major trouble America. Having everything on your phone can be a good thing, but at the same time it can be risky because convenience sometimes causes us to do stupid things without thinking fully.

However you bank, it is a good thing because it helps one save money. So many of us have trouble saving because we are constantly spending; something we need to pump the brakes on more in the near future. You don’t want to spend everything right away, because living for the moment could cost you in the long run if you’re not careful.

Written By Kelsey Thomas