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Banking Is Supposed To Be Easy Right?

Chase Bank.

UNITED STATES—I have a bit of a bone to pick and I’m certain plenty of Americans can understand the strife that I am about to describe here. I’ve always been an advocate of going to the bank. It’s something about having the opportunity to deposit a check, to deposit money, to take care of bills or to retrieve money that makes one feel proud. However, I am indeed starting to see a trend with my bank that I am not too fond of. The service is beginning to suck and in a major way America.

In the past 2-3 weeks, I tend to visit the same bank branches. Rarely do I alter the banks I go to. You like to get to know your tellers and vice versa. At the same time they provide that service that you come to appreciate as a customer. However, I do have a problem when each time I come into the bank it seems to be a madhouse with customers, yet there are very few tellers at the window.

I mean I cannot recall the last time any of the bank branches I visited had more than 2-3 tellers working at once; however, you have like 6-7 windows. What’s the problem here? When you see it’s overly busy and there are people sitting at desks, you utilize them. I am guessing, but I’m certain this is the case, most of those sitting at the desk are helping those who are opening a bank account, taking out home mortgages or loans, but if you don’t have anyone in the bank doing such services, why can’t you get behind the counter to help?

Some banks don’t seem to see this as a problem I do. I mean I was literally waiting in line for almost 30 plus minutes the other day at the bank, because there was a lack of tellers. Like only two, and eventually one of the guys who was sitting at the desk could tell customers were getting slightly furious so he starting assisting customers. Now, I understand people have certain jobs and certain titles so there are tasks they are expected not to perform, but at the same time, how in the hell do they expect to draw in more customers if the service sucks.

I know people say go to the ATM, you can do the drive through, or at my bank utilize this new machine that is like an ATM, but it allows you to deposit checks, withdraw funds and you can choose HOW you receive your money back. All sounds great, but I hate dealing with computers, and ATM I don’t trust. I’ve maybe used an ATM 1 time in my entire life since I started banking. I just don’t trust them and it’s likely to never change.

However, I think the one thing that is beginning to bug me more than anything in this world are those customers who come into the bank and have no idea what they are doing or never banked at this bank before. Hello, if you don’t have an account, you’re probably going to see a fee to cash your check people. In addition, how hard is it to fill out a deposit or withdrawal slip? That’s why they have loads of them in front of you before you even get to the window so you make the transaction, smooth and swift without any hiccups along the way.

I mean if every other customer is filling out a slip, what in the hell makes you think you should be exempt? You aren’t and you’re only causing the delay to be extended for others. Take a moment; learn the rules of the bank that way so you are prepared when you enter. After this long rant, I’m starting to suspect it’s not all the banks fault for making things difficult for customers, it’s actually more than 75 percent of the customers who makes the situation worse by NOT following the rules or protocol put in place to keep things moving.

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