SAN FRANCISCO—On Thursday, June 13, the BART Board of Directors approved a new program that will provide low-income riders with a lower ticket fare.

BART directors voted and approved the program 8-1. The discount is part of a pilot program that will last from 12-18 months and will cost around $8 million each year. Half of the cost will be covered by BART and the other half by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

For riders with an income that comes in at less than 200 percent of the federal poverty threshold, they will pay a 20 percent discounted fare to ride BART. Single taxpayers would have to earn $24,280 to apply for the discount.

To apply for the discount, riders will have to submit their income tax returns or some form of eligibility cards from a social service program, such as food stamps. Once approved, they will be able to use the Clipper cards to get their discounted fare.

Other fare hikes were approved during the meeting. The vote to raise fares 18 percent over 7 years will start in 2022. With the fare hikes, BART is expected to bring in $400 million which will fund new cars and additional services to customers.