SAN FRANCISCO—The BART program to keep elevators clean from defecation is expanding to two more stations after a vote by the Board of Directors on Thursday, July 25. The Board of Directors voted to expand the program to the Embarcadero and Montgomery Stations during the fall season.

The program started last April at the Powell and Civic Center BART stations. Attendants that work in the elevators are from Urban Alchemy, a local non-profit that helps both youths and former prisoners, and deter those who might plan to defecate or urinate inside the elevator. 

The expansion of the project is thanks to the $2.6 million grant from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. The grant helps to fund BART projects through both 2020 and 2021 to improve stations and services. 

The Board of Directors also voted and approved the funding of bathrooms on Thursday, in another attempt to stop defecation inside the facilities. Labeled as “pit stops,” the first bathrooms will appear at the at the Powell, 16th Street, and 24th Street BART stations. BART also renewed the elevator attendant program at Powell and Civic Center BART stations.