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BART Planning To Close Entrances

BART officials claim that some Civic Center stations must close in order to reallocate funds to grow the system at large.

SAN FRANCISCO—The Civic Center BART station is frequented by San Francisco residents to avoid traffic on the way to the Orpheum, the Opera House, or Symphony Hall.

According to reports, BART is planning to close some of the entrances at the Civic Center station, which will include one directly across the street from the Orpheum. The same entrance is located in front of the Hotel Whitcomb.

BART board member Bevan Dufty publicly commented on the upcoming plans for closures, stating that he is aware of the complaints lodged by residents. While Dufty reports that he is sympathetic to the concerns of the public, the changes are necessary to grow the BART system. Dufty indicated that there is a shortage of power between 16th Street and Civic Center that requires the allocation of greater funds. Dufty articulated that money needs to flow towards a new power substation that will be located at the Civic Center. He informed the press that the decision to close Civic Center entrances was not taken lightly or a decision that any board members wanted to initiate.

Officials have noted that the Embarcadero BART station, a busier location than the Civic Center station, only has 8 entrances while the Civic Center has 10.

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