SAN FRANCISCO—On Wednesday June 3, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) announced they will start setting more stations where only Clipper cards will be sold. The paper tickets can still be used at all stations.

Clipper is the transit card for the Bay Area. A Clipper card can hold transit passes, cash value, or any combination.

The project will be started during the week of June 8. According to a statement by BART, four stations will become Clipper-only sales in June, including Dublin/Pleasanton station, Coliseum and Oakland International Airport station, Montgomery Street station, and Civic Center station. At stations with parking lots, one ticket machine will be available for people who need to purchase a paper ticket to pay for parking.

During summer 2019, BART eliminated the sales of paper tickets at several stations. Those stations included Embarcadero, Powell Street, 19th Street, Downtown Berkeley, Pittsburg Center and Antioch stations.

Using Clipper cards will reduce lines at the ticket machines and reduce customer touchpoints. BART indicated the riders can avoid direct contact with fare gates by using cards and it will help to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

For more details on clipper cards and clipper-only sales, visit the Bay Area Rapid Transit website.