Battle Over Robin Williams’ Estate Rages On


SAN FRANCISCO—The battle over the estate of deceased actor and comedian Robin Williams has taken a nasty turn, that has led the case all the way to a San Francisco Superior Court.

After Williams’ widow, Susan Williams and his three children could not settle on how much of the actor’s assets both sides would receive, it was decided that a hearing would be scheduled on Monday, June 1 in San Francisco.

The battle over the deceased actor/comedian’s estate will rage on until at least July.

Through mediated discussions, Williams’ children and widow have been able to successfully divide the majority of his personal effects. The current debate hinges on a rather ambiguous statement in the actor’s will.

After hanging himself last August in his Tiburon home, Williams left most of his estate to his three children, which included the funds from the sale of his Napa Valley property.

Williams then left his Tiburon home to Susan, which included the instruction to steadily give her enough money to maintain the property. It is this amount that both sides are refusing to agree upon, an argument that will now be brought to the courtroom.

Following Monday’s hearing, it was determined that a two-month extension would be granted to both sides in the hopes that they might resolve the increasingly bitter dispute. They now have until July 29 to determine the fate of the actor’s estate.