HOLLYWOOD—They say patience is important, but I feel I’m not the only fan of “The Bold and the Beautiful” who have been eagerly on pins and needles waiting for the truth about Beth Spencer to finally come to light. Yes, America the truth is upon us at last. The hints started last week, and it gave Liam all the ammunition he needed to get to the truth. Before the week was over, Liam learned that Thomas and Flo had a secret; Douglas overheard his dad say Beth is alive, and Thomas has been really ramping up his dark side and not in the best way America.

He’s making threats to his son, he’s threatening Hope’s life and he is driven to make love to Hope, even though she is resisting his advances. Things have turned from evil to downright wicked. I’m starting to question with this path that Thomas is traveling down if he is the other character who won’t survive once the truth about Beth comes to light. As a viewer, I worry about the psychological state of Douglas, Flo has confessed her concerns to both Ridge and Zoe who seem aloof to the situation, and Douglas told Hope and Liam that Baby Beth is alive.

Hope couldn’t believe it, but Liam paid extra close attention to the interaction between Thomas and Douglas during this ‘reveal.’ Douglas was being corned and so was Flo after Liam got that Intel noting she never gave birth. The walls closed in and Flo was forced to confess the truth, just as Thomas took desperate action. He drugged Hope and then kidnapped her. So the way things are headed, it’s going to be a battle between Thomas and Liam to rescue Hope from imminent danger.

However, watching that moment where the lightbulbs went off in Liam’s head after chatting with Douglas, that Phoebe is actually Beth was the thing that you adore in daytime television. It was a level of nuanced acting from Scott Clifton, and without a doubt I can see some Emmy love in the future for Clifton and Annika Noelle for their performances with this storyline.

Thomas lashed out at Hope when she told him she loves Liam, and he revealed his dark side, one that left Hope spooked, when he talked about Beth being dead and never coming back. Yeah, Thomas that is a great way to get a woman who doesn’t really love you to sleep with you. Chaos, utter chaos is about to erupt. Steffy is about to have to come to grips that Kelly is actually Phoebe. That will be a tough, and I mean tough pill to swallow.

It will only get worse, once the truth about Flo, Xander, Zoe, Shauna and Thomas’ role in the cover up. Remember when I said the Forrester, Logan and Spencer clans were about to be dealt a devastating blow, it’s happening, and I think this is a good thing. We haven’t seen much of the other primary players on the soap as this tale has been front-and-center, literally for weeks America.

I can see a battle between Ridge, Brooke and Bill; all wanting to protect their children, with Ridge being the one adult not realizing that his son Thomas is indeed a troubled soul in need of desperate help. Rumor has it a major twist in the Beth reveal is about to explode, and I swear if that baby is not Hope and Liam’s I’m going to be livid. To wait this long to only be hoodwinked by another twist might be the biggest cheat in daytime TV history, especially if it leaves the audiences saying, “WHAT!?”