HOLLYWOOD—After weeks of counting down, “Big Brother 17” premiered on Wednesday, June 24. It seems to have become a trend in the last two cycles to do a two-night premiere. It’s like the showrunners love to tease and keep the viewers wanting more. Sometimes giving us all the juicy details right away is better than prolonging things. I mean just do a 2-hour premiere.

Julie Chen delivered a slew of surprises to the new houseguests. The first surprise for viewers was the notion of three twists being revealed on the first night. One of those twists involved the fan favorite, the return of ‘The Battle of the Block.’

What a stupid twist, it sucked last summer and made the game predictable. The first eight houseguests to enter the abode were James, Meg, Clay, Audrey, Da’Vonne, Shelli, Jace and Austin.

Julie dropped another bomb as one of the houseguest was forced to bow out of the Head of Household, and Da’Vonne decided to step to the plate. You can already see the sparks flying between Shelli and Clay. Audrey did drop a bomb on the houseguests by revealing that she is transgendered and the house took the news fairly well. It’s amazing to hear her story being shared. Alliances are already being formed, bad move if you ask me, you’ve just met these people; you can’t trust them!

The first Head of Household competition was a Hollywood themed and the contestants were forced to stand on a pedestal and catch 10 tomatoes. Going to already call it, Jace might be the first evicted from the abode. He’s quite loud and always talking. It became apparent early on that James was more competitive than others. In a surprise twists, all the remaining houseguests fell off at the same time. The first HOH is James. He might be a bigger threat than everyone suspects.

Julie revealed the second twist to the houseguests: the BB Takeover, which unleashes a new twist into the game each week. The houseguests were completely thrown by the new twists; this might be the shake-up the series needs to really deliver excitement for the entire summer.

The third twist which was dropped only to the viewers was the fact that another houseguest will be playing with an identical twin throughout the game. If they survive the first five evictions they will both get the opportunity to play the game. Not a major surprise because this was something done in “Big Brother 5.” The problem with the twin twist: once the truth is revealed it places a huge target on their back.

The second night of the premiere delivered even BIGGER surprises for viewers. The audience got to meet Steve, Vanessa, Jason, Becky, Liz and John. I’ll admit night two was 10 times the intensity from the previous night. The new houseguests learned about the BOB twist, as well as that they have a chance to become the second HOH of the week. I already like Vanessa; she seems bold, witty and smarter than what everyone expects. The houseguests noticed two additional seats at the table, and let the speculation begin.

After being teased for nearly a week, the first BB takeover twist was revealed when the host of “The Amazing Race” decided to introduce two contestants from that series into the “Big Brother 17” game, Jeff and Jackie. The house seemed a bit thrown by the new introductions, but we should expect at least 2-3 double evictions this season.

The second HOH competition was an alien invasion which saw the houseguests dressed in farm attire. The goal: hold onto your stake as long as possible. This second batch has more endurance than the first houseguests, and another underdog, tiny Jason rose to the top to become the second HOH. This guy is a character, and looks to bring plenty of laughs this season.

Wow, CBS sure knows how to keep a tease going with this twin twist. We won’t know the truth till next week. Could it be Liz whose been speculated all over the Internet or is it possible that John (the dentist) has the secret twin. The final surprise of the night, Da’Vonne and Vanessa learned that sitting out of the HOH competition could turn into an actual reward for them, but no details were spilled.

“Big Brother 17” airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m., and Thursdays at 9 p.m. on CBS. Let’s the games begin!