HOLLYWOOD—Tensions are high and a couple of key players are getting cocky with power this week on “Big Brother 18.”

On Sunday, a new alliance was formed prior to the Head of Household competition: the Executives. This is yet another all guy alliance with James, Victor, Paul, Paulie and Corey. I am curious to see if they have what it takes to be the next Bomb Squad from season 16. This HOH competition tests the houseguests endurance by having them hang onto a rope with only a small platform to stand on as the ropes spin and they get hit by a hashtag sign.

Everyone eventually drops down, Michelle throwing up before she gets eliminated, until it is down to Natalie and Victor. Natalie makes a deal with Victor to not get put up, so Victor wins this week’s HOH. Get ready for a brutal week, people.

Some damage control has to happen with Zakiyah and Michelle feeling betrayed by Da’Vonne’s eviction last week. Paulie tries to make amends with Zakiyah, but she is starting to lose some trust with him. Nicole does damage control with Michelle, saying that Da’Vonne was gunning after her and Corey. Michelle gets an attitude with everyone for keeping her out of the loop.

James is the lucky winner of this week’s America’s Care Package which gives him the power to prevent two houseguests from voting in the next eviction. This could be a game changer! Victor nominates Zakiyah and Michelle. He says Zakiyah is for strategy, because she has only been showing affection towards Paulie, and Michelle for having picked the wrong day to piss people off. Let’s just say the houseguests are quite stunned by the brutality of Victor’s speech.

Wednesday’s episode starts off with Michelle doing what Michelle does best: crying. I sympathize with her, but you need to keep a cool head in this game! Zakiyah tries to campaign through Paulie by making Michelle seem like a bigger target due to Michelle starting to mention how Paulie backdoored Victor.

Zakiyah’s campaign seems to work when there is some trouble with Team PP. Paulie wants Michelle gone, but Paul wants Zakiyah gone and is unhappy that Paulie does not want to help him out this week. Team PP is getting a little cocky; i my opinion, since neither of them are HOH this week, yet they act like they still have all the power. Paulie even campaigns to James to use his special power to keep Zakiyah in the game.

The Power of Veto players this week are Victor, Zakiyah, Michelle, Nicole, James and Paulie, who Zakiyah picked because he said he would take her off the block. This week’s POV competition is a hide-and-go-seek game where the players get to hide their veto cards in the house and the last card that the players can’t find wins the POV. Nicole and James both find two of the cards and Victor find the last one. The names are revealed to show that Paulie wins the POV this week! Great for Zakiyah, right?

Wrong! Paulie tells Zakiyah she is safe and that James will use his special power to save her and decides not to use the POV. Poor, Zakiyah.

Double Eviction night and let the brutality continue! Bridgette starts to rally the girls into realizing that Paulie is controlling the house. Michelle is able to get Bridgette and Natalie’s vote and the girls are able to convince James to flip the house.

During the eviction Michelle does a huge speech against Paulie and indicates that something rude happened between Paulie and Natalie before the live show. Unfortunately, we have to wait until Sunday to find out what went down. James uses his special power to prevent Paul and Corey from voting. With a vote of 3-2, Zakiyah is evicted and becomes the second member of the jury house since she had a one-way ticket.

Now, for one week in one night! The HOH competition is a more/less question one about “Big Brother” statistics that is won in round two by Corey! Corey looks for ideas from his Executives alliance and nominates Bridgette and Michelle.

The POV competition is a race to retrieve three clocks and a veto symbol from a ball pit and is played by Corey, Bridgette, Michelle, Paul, Nicole and James. Corey is the competition beast for this night as he wins the POV, too! He keeps nominations the same and we move onto the second eviction.

Michelle has another killer speech as she calls out Nicole for being a snake and trying to make a deal with her before the double eviction. Bridgette just says she is also gunning for Paulie, but that seems to be all it takes, because Bridgette gets evicted 5-1 and becomes the third member of the jury house. She also had a one-way ticket.

Wow! It has been a busy stress filled week, and it is not looking good for Paulie’s game next week. “Big Brother” fans can vote on www.cbs.com for next week’s America’s Care Package that will let one person be safe from eviction, but they also get to wear a “Super Safety” costume for the week. Until then “Big Brother” fans!

“Big Brother 18” airs on CBS at 8 p.m. Sunday, 8 p.m. Wednesday, and 9 p.m. Thursday.