HOLLYWOOD—We are less than a week away from discovering the faces that will enter the “Big Brother 18” compound. Rumors have been running rampant for months in terms of what we can expect this season. Yes, the CBS reality competition “Big Brother” has been a guilty pleasure for me for years, but it has been quite some time since we’ve had a season full of epic moments and surprises. If I had to rank my faves it would be BB6, BB7, BB8 and BB10.

The biggest question everyone wants to know is rather BB18 could be the all-stars season fans have been eagerly waiting for. I mean it has been over 10 years and close to 10 seasons since we had our last all-star season! And BB7 was everything a fan of the series expects in great strategy, blindsides and deception.  I mean the BB14 coaches twist, wasn’t that much of a twist because we all knew at some point the coaches would indeed enter the game. The past three seasons have been entertaining, but I’m ready for another All-Stars edition people.

I will admit there have been tons of hints to some degree that we’re going to see some returning players this season, to what degree is the big question. They won’t follow the BB13 twist of bringing veterans against the newbies because look how well that worked out. The coaches’ twist has already been done, so what else is left to consider? Well last year rumors ran rampant about a battle of the sexes season, which could be quite interesting, and I could see a few all-stars returning for such a season.

Talk have run rampant about a second chances season similar to what “Survivor” did which was a ton of success, and there are plenty of players who deserve it (Eric Stein, Memphis Garrett, Natalie Martinez, Frank Eudy, Danielle Murphee, Amanda Zuckerman, Frankie Grande, Vanessa Rousso) and a host of others who were so close to victory. The thing about an all-stars season is that it must consist of players who the viewers want to see play again. I have the inkling that if we see an all-star season this summer, it’s going to consist of players from BB8-BB17.

Of course, we could see some faces who played the game, post the first all-stars season, but so many of those contestants have aged, and it raises the question of rather they would want to play again. However, hints that plenty of faces from the past and current seasons could be in the mix was the recent “The Price is Right” special that highlighted notable contestants from season’s past.

If that wasn’t a hint of a possible all-stars season, what about recent interviews with The Hollywood Reporter and contestants from the past including Jason Roy, Danielle Reyes, Daniele Donato, Rachel Reilly, Liz Nolan, Lane Elenburg, Cody Calafiore and Derrick Levasseur. Hmm, I don’t think that was a coincidence that we’ve seen 2 sets of interviews with past contestants as we get ready for the new season. Speaking to one person? Yes, but a set of contestants that just seems suspicious in my opinion.

We’re looking at a two-night premiere kicking off on Wednesday, June 22. Buzz is that some massive competition will take place where the contestants will vie for the opportunity to get into the house. Rumors are that close to 30 people will vie for about 14-16 spots to enter the house. Yes, that number seems quite big so we’ll see how things transpire because it seems the number of houseguests has increased every season. Please BB Gods get rid of the ‘Battle of the Block.’ It is NOT loved and it makes it hard to strategize. There is nothing more annoying than seeing contestants throw a competition.

If I had my dream list of all-star contestants they would consist of Dr. Will, Danielle Reyes, Marcellas Reynolds, Janelle Pierzina, Dick Donato, Daniele Donato, Eric Stein, Keesha Smith, Dan Ghessling, Frank Eudy, Rachel Reilly, Shelly Moore, Frankie Grande, Donny Thompson, Derrick Levasseur, Jason Roy, Vanessa Rousso, Da’Vonne Rogers and Johnny Mac. Yes, it’s a load of names, but these are some of the most memorable houseguests that I can recall. My list is based on those who strategized, those who entertained and those faces you just remember.

On Monday, June 13, we’ll learn who will have a shot at entering the house, the big twist will be what surprises the houseguests and viewers can expect this summer, and we all know how well the BB Takeover worked?