HOLLYWOOD—Last week I left off on a major cliffhanger about the explosive events that transpired in the house during the week, I decided not to recap because I wanted to SEE exactly how the TV show would edit the series of events, and wow is the best way to describe the episode. The live eviction TOTALLY screwed up all of the events after that explosive POV meeting. For starters, the show attempted to give Paul a light edit, when in actuality he had his hands in more cookie jars than expected. The show made it appear as if Paul was just playing the game, he was, but he took things beyond personal in my opinion and I felt shades of BB15, which CBS totally wants to forget in more ways than I can count.

CBS doesn’t like controversy, but when the live feeders (including myself) see everything transpire, we expect things that are pertinent to the storyline to be displayed on the TV show, not a sugarcoating of events. For starters, Raven got busted, but the show failed to properly set-up what led to those events. Raven’s big lie about being pulled in my Jody; um Raven you pulled them into a room to talk. Paul you told Raven to fake cry, Paul and Christmas you came up with a STUPID plan to question Cody’s military status to try to get him to self-evict. Now this is low and myself and so many others were livid. Cody served to protect this country and to question that is sickening, but worse is the thought of provoking someone to incite violence which both Paul and Christmas did is beyond stupid. The casual TV audience did not get to see this, and that makes me quite upset as they are painting people to be something they are not.

The audience did NOT get to see Matt vehemently shut down Christmas’ plan noting Josh or someone else could be seriously upset by provoking Cody. She didn’t like that Matt stood his ground, so much to the point she threw a fit. We then transition to this bullying mentality of the entire house against Jody. Was it sad, yes, more because only Mark took a stand in my opinion, and Alex ripped off his head in the process! Alex is starting to get on my nerves, she is SO BLINDED by Paul it’s pathetic. This is BB Alex, of course Paul will lie to you and you will learn right when you’re walking out the door. I’m losing interest in BB19, it’s becoming BB16 all over again. No one is playing the game except Paul and Jody. Everyone else, they are either Paul’s minions or have been evicted. Enough with my rant, Jessica utilized the Halting Hex to save her and Cody from eviction, leading to a contested HOH competition which was a crap shoot. Why does BB do this? I anything you make the first HOH or second HOH of the game a crap shoot, not much is at stake, but we’re in week 6 everything matters now, cause lines have been drawn.

In the end, Josh won by a mere 2 points besting Cody and Christmas. Josh is HOH, but in essence it’s Paul’s HOH because Josh is just a minion, but he is starting to wake up America. He didn’t like being told what to do by Paul and decided while Jody was in his hindsight; he was ready to target some bigger fish: Marlena! Yup, Mark and Josh have never gotten along, but he was getting closer to Elena, but Josh noticed she is a flip-flopper. When you’re in power she is your pal, when you’re not, she tosses you to the wolves.

With the Temptation competition, Jody put in a powerful plan: one go for the win, one purposely lose. Why? It secures safety for one, while the other automatically becomes a third nominee with the chance to fight for veto and secure their safety. Cody got the win like the fans expected, Jessica became a third nominee and Josh decided to go rogue by nominating Elena and Mark, with Elena as his target! Yes, this surprised me, but it’s evident he is not Paul’s minion as we expected. He’s much closer to Christmas, now if Christmas could open her eyes and not play Paul’s game, but her own. The POV draw was eventful, as Christmas decided to use the ring of replacement to take Cody out of the competition to ensure Jessica didn’t have another ally fighting for her. I loved seeing Jessica call out Christmas on her move, instead of saving it to protect herself.

Hmm, she used a power that she ABSOLUTELY will need in the future. I mean I get the idea of being a team player, but who do you think the house is going to start to target when Jody is gone? Um, Christmas no one plans to drag you to the end. So with Cody out, Christmas wasted her ring of replacement because she COULD NOT EVEN play in the OTEV competition. She’ll regret using her temptation when she finds herself being back doored in the coming weeks. Josh was left scrambling after Mark won the POV. These houseguests actually, actually thought Mark would not use the POV on himself. This is GREAT, but bittersweet because as fans its apparent Jessica is getting evicted this week, but Josh has to get his hands dirty yet again.

So Josh has to name a replacement, and the trio of Paul, Matt and Raven are likely contenders. If Josh were super smart he’d make the move to put up Paul, it would be a game-changer people, but he selected Raven! Yes, this woman is starting to irritate the houseguests, and with this plan to take out Elena falling apart, it would be smart for Mark, Christmas, Cody, Kevin to all vote for Raven, with Josh being the tiebreaker, Raven would be sent packing.

So at this point, it’s possible that Raven, Jessica or Elena could all be evicted come Thursday, but it looks more like Jess, but Wednesday night Thursday could change all with a bit of strategy in play. The one caveat is that Jessica IS NOT DOING anything to try to save her game. Jeez, have a civil talk with Josh, Christmas, Jason and Kevin about Raven’s floppy approach and undying loyalty to Paul. Fans can hold out hope, but that is the problem with BB, we never get what we want or what we need to shift the dynamics!