HOLLYWOOD—After weeks and I mean weeks of trying to evict Jody, the house managed to take out Jessica during last Thursday’s live eviction. I love out of all the houseguests Jessica is the only one willing to actual voice what the hell is transpiring in the house that everyone watching the live feeds and episodes are fully aware of. Raven just had to push her illness yet again to the American public (that girl is in for a HUGE SHOCK) when she gets out of the house, Elena gave a stupid speech trying to one-up Dominique, but Jessica left the house rattled yet again, as she called out their cult-like mentality, and pointed the finger at Paul for being the mastermind, and NONE of them being woke to his shenanigans.

I literally watched that speech several times because it was so iconic people. I think the houseguests were utterly surprised with the thunderous applause Jessica got after being evicted. Yeah, it’s a sign houseguests who America loves and who they don’t care for that much. On a side note, Christmas is REALLY starting to get on my nerves. This woman and that damn scooter, and her sly comments, “Jury baby.” I would have loved for Julie to drop the bomb that this season BB is going back to the basics, there won’t be a 9-person jury, it will be a 7-person jury. Yeah, BB needs to consider that. She’s already talking about coming back for BB20. Christmas pump the breaks, you’re not an all-star, and I’m sensing for 20 seasons of BB they’re going to be going after the GOAT (Greatest of All Time), and honey you’re not one of them, not by a long shot.

Alex won her second HOH, and immediately the wheels were churning to backdoor Cody. This is where I wish BB changes this technique up. It’s such a trend it rarely gives someone who has their back against the wall a fighting chance to stay in the game, and the show’s producers have to know America always roots for an underdog. Like I’m about to stop watching because this season has become SO PREDICTABLE and insanely stupid I cannot take it anymore. Why are people literally falling on the floor to become PAWNS! I mean first you have Matt and Raven, and now you have Jason. Like what the hell Jason, are you signing a death warrant, why in the hell would you push to be a pawn when Alex wanted Paul to be nominated. You stupid idiot! Please stop recruiting random hot looking people. Cast those who want to play the game, and not actually seeking fame.

Ugh, this is utterly ridiculous. Cody seems to be socializing a bit more now that Jessica is gone, and he needs to use that ammunition of information that Kevin gave him last week about his alliance that includes (Kevin, Jason, Paul and Alex). That is explosive, especially if Christmas, Josh, Matt and Raven learn they are expendable to Paul, which they all are. It would force Paul to have to pick a side and shun some allies; it could actually cause his game to explode. Mark won his second temptation competition, which he needed and earned safety for the week, while Matt became a third nominee. Matt literally has to be the worse player since Jenn City from BB14, and this guy really thinks he’s playing the game.

Alex nominated Jason and Elena, and Elena finally realized after being nominated 2 weeks in a row she needs to abandon ship. It’s amazing I’m now rooting for Elena and Mark, as they are our ONLY hope to change the trajectory of this season America, which we desperately need. Making the situation worse, Mark and Paul (of all people) where picked during the POV draw, increasing Cody’s chances of being BD this week. However, there is hope, out of some crazy miracle Matt, won the POV. Nope, this idiot is talking about using the veto on Jason and NOT HIMSELF! This is utterly insane and shows how pathetic the contestants are this season.

Cody, Mark or Elena should have gotten into Matt’s ear and make it clear rumblings are going around of him being a potential BD contender this week, but if Cody dropped the bomb about that alliance Kevin alerted him about, it could sway Matt to actually utilize the veto and protect Cody this week, especially considering a double eviction is looming this week. Oh, and Julie Chen announced their will be no jury buyback this season. Interesting, but I can guarantee you one thing, we’ll see more than one double eviction because there are too many houseguests still in the game and we’re less than a month before the season wraps, so a bloodbath is coming America!

It wouldn’t be BB 19 without a fight, this time Mark and Christmas exchanged words and she didn’t make herself look too good. Mark hasn’t been her biggest fan, and I’m certain if he wins HOH Christmas, Paul, Alex and Josh are all likely targets. Let’s be honest Paul and Alex would be delicious television, because there is a chance the vet could walk out the door with only Alex, and maybe Christmas sitting next to him. Alex isn’t doing herself any favors either after showing her pure hatred towards Elena after she cursed her with a punishment, where she has to build a camp site 100 times in the next few days. Alex is livid, and while Cody is the target, Elena could indeed be a contender this week people. If the houseguest were to play on those emotions a flip is easy, and we already know Josh is not a fan, and I think Mark’s game will get so much better without Elena around.

Even if Elena is not the target, send Matt packing, the idiot DID NOT USE THE VETO ON HIMSELF and he is a prime target in my opinion to take out, with Elena and Cody also on the block. Why? Cody has NO ONE! This is the caliber of contestants we have BB fanatics. People who don’t want to play and who ONLY want to make jury. I swear, with my fingers crossed I’m hoping Mark or Elena (they are the only hope at this point) to win HOH during the DE and change the entire dynamic of the house.  If not, I seriously might check out on this season like I did with BB16. It’s no fun to watch lackluster strategic moves or no shifts in power in the house.