UNITED STATES—Oh America, we still have so much growth, so much growth to do. The only way you can’t fathom what transpired this weekend is if you were living under a rock. Yes, we have to discuss those protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, where a man, who was advocating for white supremacists, plowed his vehicle through a crowd of people injuring more than 19 people, and killing Heather Heyer. We’re going to have a lot of speculation transpire in the coming days, but what we know is that Heather was against the protest taking place in Charlottesville, by those looking to spew hate.

Let me be as clear and as blunt as I possibly can be: hate is hate people. You can attempt to spin it, twist it and turn it as much as you want, but hatred cannot be ignored. Everyone has the right to assemble and the right to protest, it’s something the First Amendment grants us all. However, I do have a problem when those protests or assemblies are used as a rally to promote violence, hatred or separation of cultures and people in America, especially those who are in favor of the KKK and white supremacists I have a bone to pick.

I feel like every week now we’re having a conversation about violence in this country, and it seems no one is willing to call a spade a spade. Violence tears this country apart; hate leads to violence people. America is a melting pot and for any race out there that thinks or suspects they are superior to any other race YOU’RE NOT! Take a hard look in the mirror, no race is perfect! Every race, every culture has its flaws, but in the end we should all want the same thing: unity, peace and harmony for our families. I think anything that advocates or seems to condone the fact that slavery, prejudice, discrimination or racism is ok has no place in this country. The fact that I’m trying to fathom why some people would think that is ok, just upsets my spirit to the core.

Of course, plenty of people are already attacking President Donald Trump for his lack of words in a statement he released about the events that transpired in Charlottesville over the weekend. Pause. Was Trump a bit coy in his first statement yes and it goes back to his use of social media? Dammit, stop it already, I get social media is the craze of the century, but you are the Commander of Chief in this country! If you’re going to release a statement how about you have a press conference and not rely on Twitter and only 140 characters to attempt to convey a message that appears half-ass.

He should have stated that the hate being spewed by the white supremacists protestors was apprehensible and will not be tolerated in America. The fact that he refused to acknowledge the situation for what it was, only made such organizations that live for spreading hate and violence think it is okay. Have you guys watched the videos circulating all over the internet? I mean you see punching, kicking, pushing, actually fighting, and the scene of that car being driven into the crowd is just plain awful. I mean the Governor of Virginia has already caused a state of emergency because of the violence that has exploded in the region. I think this needs to be a valuable lesson for all Americans to indulge in.

Then Trump comes out 3 days later actually naming the groups and condemning their actions, only 1 day later blames both sides for the melee. Trump just please stop talking right now! You sound like a complete idiot and clueless as to what you’re saying. You’re justifying people carrying torches, rifles and wanting to promote white power, while hoping to inflict fear and spew hate to others not like them. I’m utterly shocked, and I’ll have a column next week to discuss Trump’s stance on this issue that makes him look worse and worse as the POTUS of America each day.

Look in the mirror, really look in the mirror and anything hate or violence in any fashion you want to spew to another race or group of people who are not LIKE you, imagine what it would be like to walk in the shoes of those people. Not many people can understand or grasp that concept, but they should indeed aim to do so. If they did, they’d probably regret the actions they have taken. If not, this is where as a country we condemn those who think such violence, such hateful rhetoric is ok. People always wonder when World War III will emerge. Unfortunately, it will not be with North Korea or another country, it will be within the United States itself.