HOLLYWOOD—My TV guilty pleasure of the summer is arriving in several weeks. Any guesses as to what reality-competition series I’m referring to? It’s the CBS hit “Big Brother.” I became a fan of this show during season 2 and have watched every season since except for season 9 (no need to discuss that train wreck America). It’s difficult to describe “Big Brother” for those who are not fans of the show, but even if you’re not happy with the circumstances of the season, you still find yourself almost drawn to watch each episode out of the shear hope that something will transpire to shake the game up.

This year marks the 20th, yes, you heard me correctly, the 20th season of the series. So many fans including myself are speculating if this could finally be the season that we get treated to another all-star version similar to “BB7?” Honestly, I have no clue. I thought “Big Brother 17,” “Big Brother 18” and “Big Brother 19” could have all been all-stars, but nope. I have to say season 19 was the worst that I’ve watched since BB15. I mean the fact that Paul ran circles around these houseguests and was denied the win by a single vote for the consecutive year was absolutely bonkers. However, I secretly wanted Paul to lose all along, but as a gamer, you respect his game because it was absolutely fantastic to watch.

So could fans finally, at long last see some of the best who has ever played the game or those houseguests we can’t forget go against each other in hopes of being the sole winner? I certainly hope so. I will admit the show has a tendency to tease fans. I mean Julie Chen posted on social media her BB key and that symbol of a ‘star’ yup, similar to what was listed on all the keys for the houseguests during BB7. On top of that, I have seen countless and I mean countless TV commercials touting BB20 as an event unlike anything fans have seen before. I mean if you’re touting just new houseguests, that is a major letdown.

No to mention TMZ has been breaking news left and right up to the cast of the upcoming “Amazing Race.” Why is this important, most of the contestants who were supposed to be on the cast were previous players of “Big Brother.” Making the situation worse, was news last week that revealed some potential major players on the season are out. More speculation comes with previous houseguests of BB noting on social media that they are NOT appearing on “The Amazing Race,” even though other outlets are reporting otherwise. It is utter madness and all I can say is that I’m eagerly awaiting the cast reveal which is likely to transpire a week for the premiere of the newest season on June 27.

So just thinking about a second coming of all-stars who would I love to see play the game again, oh, boy there are plenty. I would love to see Nakomis who was shafted in BB7 get a second chance, I mean this is the woman that implemented what we now know as the ‘BB Backdoor.’ Janelle, Janelle, I love this woman and she was the reason BB6 is one of my all-time faves. I know she has already played the game three times, but I think fourth time is the charm for this fan favorite. It would not be BB without featuring the best to ever play the game: Dr. Will Kirby and Dan Gheesling. Will they return, I doubt it, but the same goes for Derrick who played the most captivating game ever with BB16; fans can only hope to see them return to the game at some point.

If I’m looking at BB8, Daniele Donato deserves another chance, as does Eric Stein who was completely robbed as America’s Player. From season 10, I need Keesha back in the BB house, as well as Michelle who were absolute firecrackers. From season 11, the only person I truly would want to see back is Kevin because he was so close to a victory America! If we’re speaking about season 12 the only contestants I’d actually like to see again would be Matt, Brittney, Rachel and Brendon.

From BB14, the only person who deserves another shot is Ian, and Frank just played in BB18, so I’m not certain he’d return. BB15, how about no one! I’d love to see Amanda, but she is pregnant, Andy is hated, but should have another shot (I mean he did win the game), and consider Helen, Elissa, Howard and Candice, who I think would do well in another season minus the racism and pure ignorant houseguests we saw that season. There are only two people from BB16 I’d like to see: Donny and Amber. Amber because she was utterly robbed of playing her own game because of Caleb and his obsession with her! If we’re talking about standouts, I’d love to see Zach and Frankie, but I’m not so certain those two will get an invite back.

Now, BB17, this was a season full of great players if you ask me. First off, one of the greatest female strategists of all time Vanessa has to be included in an all-stars season. If not it’s an absolute travesty. Johnny Mac is another shoo-in because he delivered laughs galore for viewers; I would even be okay with seeing Becky return for a second go around, unlike BB19, the contestants during the seventeenth cycle actually wanted to win $500,000. Sorry, there isn’t anyone and I mean anyone from BB19 I would like to see except for Jessica and Cody.

Could we see faces as far back as BB2-BB5? Yes, but there are slim pickings there. I think we all want to see Danielle Reyes, Marcellas, Jun, Jase and Diane get another go around at the game. Typically, each season only has around 16 players now, but for season 20, wouldn’t it be nice to see 20 players. Open the door for more favs and the potential to throw in some unexpected double evictions, not 1, not 2, but maybe 3-4 to really shake the house to its core.

We can all continue to speculate, but until that cast is released, we can only hope that we get precisely what we’ve been waiting for nearly 10 plus year. Come on CBS and “Big Brother” the wait is long overdue!