HOLLYWOOD—At last, the power dynamics have shifted America on “Big Brother 20.” The Level 6 alliance and Tyler have been controlling the house since the start of the game, but that has all changed America. Why? Scottie won the Head of Household after Swaggy C was evicted. Yes, Swaggy C the personality is out, while we have boring characters like Kaycee and Angela still in the house. Sorry, but both of them are completed casting duds with the personality of a piece of paper.

Anyway, Scottie stunned audiences when he casted his vote to evict Swaggy, under the ruse to frame potential ally Haleigh in hopes of moving up the totem pole, but to also having leverage on the other side of the house in case they won HOH. What the hell with that answer Rachel? She is not the brightest bubble America. Enough with that mess, Scottie needed to give the viewer’s a diary room to explain his madness, which was clearly noted. The guy is a superfan and much smarter than I expected. He lost Steve, he lost Swaggy and now he is forced to play with the remnants of who is left in the game.

I’ll just say it now, I’m NO FAN of Level 6, out of that entire side the only person I have faith in shaking up the game is Rachel. She is a fan of the game and my gut tells me she will make a big move when her allies least expect it. Everyone else is simply Tyler’s sheep, and I already saw BB19, I don’t need to watch it again. As Faysal, Rockstar, Haleigh and Kaitlyn attempted to find out who voted for whom, Scottie was implementing making a big move by finally targeting the other side. We’ve only been waiting for close to 3 weeks, but it has happened.

Why don’t more contestants utilize the HOH to obtain information? Yes, you have power, but information and knowledge is more powerful. Why? It’s a tool that can be utilized to navigate murky waters throughout the rest of the game. Scottie wanted to know where those votes for Steve came from and who others view as targets in the house. Genius idea, too bad Winston and Brett fell for Scottie’s lure. Why the hell would these idiots tell that stupid lie? A football could tell you both voted for Steve to be evicted, so why lie to Scottie about it? Both were busted when Scottie got actual confirmation from Sam, who still has no clue as to what she is doing. Winston, you can’t backpedal after telling a lie, it just makes you look sketchier. Scottie was targeting the Bros and Tyler and company had no say in things. Too bad so sad, and with the POV in play, Scottie held all the power this week. So either Winston or Brett would be evicted this week, but there is still that issue of Sam’s power. She spilled more tea to Tyler and Kaycee on its expiration, and now everyone knows she has a power, but they suspect it expires this week not next week.

Sam is wise to want to hold the power until next week in case she is in trouble. If she uses it this week, it’s very possible she could be evicted in week four with no chance of re-entering the game. This brings us to the BB App Store, which unleashed the final power onto the house. So who won it? It was Bayleigh and oh, the power she obtained is a doozy. I was always drawn to Identity Theft, and I’m glad Bayleigh selected it. The power allows her to take control of the HOH nominations one-time up until the final 8. Guess what? The HOH can’t do anything about it; they can only name the replacement nominee if the POV is used. The only person aware of it is Faysal, who Bayleigh told, but she may want to keep this close to her chest.

That is a wicked power, and way more powerful than Sam’s power and Tyler’s lackluster Cloud power. I’m still wondering if viewers will ever find out the exact powers of Re-Draw and Upgrade. Maybe, maybe not, but fingers crossed that we do. Scottie chose not to use the POV, and Brett and Winston remained on the block of many wanting to keep Brett in the game, but realizing he is a major threat. Winston on the other hand was a loose cannon, which many did not perceive as a threat.

The week still had plenty of dramatics because Kaitlyn spilled out sort of tea that Bayleigh ate up; the girl is out to play now that Swaggy is out of the game. I’ve said it before; a showmance can be the killer for most contestants and their game. Kaitlyn decided to explode on Brett and Winston for throwing her under the bus to Scottie, while starting to finally realize that Tyler has been playing her. Also in a bit of hot water is Rachel, who seems to be at the bottom of the totem pole in her alliance after Winston, if Sacred 6 can get hold of that info they can use it to reel Rachel in people.

Haleigh got a crap app that forced her to read Hamlet. I swear for those of us thinking these crap apps would totally impact the contestant’s game; it’s more of a comedy troupe. If you thought the week would be boring cue Kaitlyn, cause the girl is spiraling. She spilled so much tea about her vote during the week Steve was evicted, Swaggy’s blindside and Tyler’s game. Yes, Tyler played with fire and now he’s been exposed to Rockstar, Scottie, Bayleigh, Haleigh and Faysal. If these morons could just compare notes and see the alliance of six on the other side they would be golden.

However, that was not the end, Kaitlyn got into an argument with Brett and Winston, and Bayleigh has absolutely been working to charm the other side, but Kaycee, who has and is still under the radar is starting to surface a bit, but she’s still dull as a personality. She reminds me of Jenn City, but she has a bit more strategy in mind. As of now, it looks like another split vote that is VERY CLOSE, 6-5, where it looks like Winston is a goner, but that can always change as its apparent Rachel is on the fence about things. Sam looks like she may want to self-evict America. I mean, she was balling this week and she just doesn’t appear happy to be in the BB house. If she has a tough week like she had while a robot I can totally see her exiting the game.

With week 4 being a virtual rewind, things really won’t kick into gear into week 5 if you ask me and we’ll really see the game ramp up from this point forward.