HOLLYWOOD—Whew, what a doozy America! Just when I thought “Big Brother 20” couldn’t deliver more surprises we get a shocker out of left field. Last week, Sam had a bit too much HOHitis and as a result she shamed Kaitlyn and Haleigh, virtually annoyed all of the viewers who adored her and put herself in a position where I could care less if she stays or goes. With Kaitlyn and Rockstar on the block during eviction night, I was certain Rockstar was about to be sent packing, but nope, Kaitlyn was evicted 9-1 with JC throwing a hinky vote, but wait Sam’s Bonus Life power app finally came into play, so Kaitlyn had a chance to stay.

All she had to do was complete a 8-piece puzzle of herself in less than 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Would she succeed? NO! This left all BB fans including myself stunned because we were all certain a houseguest would be returning right to the house, I mean it’s called a Bonus Life why should we expect anything less. Kaitlyn cracked under pressure and her eviction stood. The one person who I hated initially and later started to adore is out, and we now have Bayleigh as the new HOH. My first instinct, this is going to be good because she is going to target Tyler.

Nope, Bayleigh suffered a bit of HOHitis and decided to alienate some members of her own alliance, while doing her best to stay in sync with the cool kids. Bayleigh, Level 6 has burnt you not once, not twice, but three times, catch a clue they will NOT be loyal to you. In the midst of having her conversations with everyone it became clear that Brett was the primary target with a pawn going up as a backup. Who would that pawn be? It would be between Rachel and JC? I think she would have been better suited considering JC or Tyler, but it was Rachel who found herself on the block and she spiraled.

If you thought Winston was bad, whew, wait till you see the episodes this week with Rachel literally putting herself in a position to be evicted. That’s not the problem, the issue is Bayleigh talks too damn much and she is too damn trusting. Why in the hell would you tell Rachel that you got the third power app, and making it worse you told her exactly what the power does! Jeez, how stupid can you be? The importance of the power is the fact that it stays anonymous and no one can peg you as the culprit. Rachel immediately told Angela, and we all thought Fessy would talk, but he kept quiet. Ugh, Bayleigh just totally put her game at risk because if you have a power you don’t tell an enemy, you tell an ally. If anything I would have been okay if you divulged the news to Scottie or Haleigh, but Rachel of all people, why? This is the biggest problem with people who are not true fans of BB: information is key! When you have power like the HOH or POV, your goal is to extract as much information from people in the house, and give as little as you can to better position yourself in the game. You take information; you don’t just willing give it to anyone who listens.

Making the situation worse was the fact that she told Rachel who she would put up, ugh, and Angela spilled the beans to Tyler who has spilled the beans to Brett. Jeez, if Bayleigh would have kept her mouth shut we would have seen an epic blindside. The last time someone was able to keep a secret about a power they received was Jeff in BB 11 when he revealed the Coup D’etat. After this fiasco, we got the POV and Tyler proved yet again why not make the target bigger on my back by winning?

Here’s the problem, Tyler is playing a messy game, and if this was a season of BB with people who were rational and thought for themselves and not for the goal of protecting an alliance, Tyler would have been evicted week 3 or week 4. Luckily, for him, these people are not too smart and for reasons I cannot fathom charmed by him, at least Haleigh and Rockstar are not, those are the ONLY TWO that I trust would 100 percent put Tyler up without hesitation, Rockstar could be swayed, but Haleigh not so much.

Tyler did not need this POV because it places him in a very tricky spot, he has to show his cards, his allegiance and risk pissing off the HOH. Brett and Rachel want the POV used, and as a viewer we know Tyler wants Brett to stay because he has a shield in front of him. If Brett goes, Tyler becomes the next big male target with only four guys left. Rachel’s paranoia has already led Kaycee and Angela question rather they should keep her; if they were smart they would keep Rachel over Brett, because Rachel benefits their game, while Brett benefits Tyler’s game, but Kaycee is so blinded by her loyalty to Tyler she will be that idiot who drags him to the end knowing she doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning.

Tyler’s plan of trying to get Bayleigh to nominate Scottie was so asinine I couldn’t believe this was the best thing he could cook up. Bayleigh trusts Scottie, and considering EVERYONE was throwing his name out this week, do you honestly think she would put up an ally she trusts? No, cause her goal is to take away a number from the opposing side. She knows it’s a side, she just hasn’t put the pieces together to realize whose working together, but it’s so easy if someone just thought for one second: those who didn’t vote with you are aligned! There problem solved!

For reasons I cannot fathom, everyone suspects a jury of nine people, and I’m not so certain about that. I suspect a curveball being thrown this season and we return to a jury of seven. Would I like that? Absolutely, because it will throw the houseguests for a loop and force them to realize you need to take out major threats before jury starts and actually play the game instead of just floating. So the HIVE as they are now called, formerly Foutte will be blindsided again on Thursday, and this notion of JC trying to pin his vote on Scottie I think will blow-up in his face.

Making the situation worse is that Level 6 wants to blindside Foutte yet again, which if this does not expose Tyler and the rest of the house I have no clue what will do it America. Brett is planning another epic speech, but that will only give leverage to the other side of the house. This might be the most vital HOH because if Foutte wins it protects Bayleigh and her power, if they don’t the other side will do everything in their power to blindside her, so she better use that power no matter what. Even if there is the potential to be back doored, you could play in the veto and so could your allies to freeze any chances of that happening. If another number from Level 6 goes out, it gives Foutte the numbers for the first time in the game and they are able to utilize Bayleigh’s power and send another member packing.

I’m loving this season, but I need another Scottie or Haleigh HOH to see some actual strategy and notes compared to expose Tyler and start taking out people who are working behind the scenes and attempting to coast to the end. Week 5 has been a terrible mess, but it looks like week 6 is about to produce the massive fireworks fans of the series come to expect.