HOLLYWOOD—This is the week that I lost absolute all faith in the underdogs and I virtually feel I have no one left in the game that I could honestly root for on “Big Brother 20.” After the dismal week of Haleigh being HOH and sending her best friend Rockstar home, I was secretly praying that either Fessy or Scottie won HOH; I wanted Scottie to win because I knew someone would try to pull something with a hinky vote yet again and try to frame him.

Well, Scottie didn’t win, but one of his allies, Fessy won. Now there have been jokes all season long about how stupid Fessy is, and I wanted to give the guy the benefit of the doubt, but dammit he really is an idiot. Fessy and Haleigh have been working with Scottie since week 1, this guy has been Uber loyal, but for reasons I cannot fathom Fessy has this unrelenting loyalty to JC who has NOT voted once with his supposed pal. Just pure stupidity at best, and Fessy proved to make what I consider the dumbest move in BB history! I thought Bayleigh telling her power to Rachel was bad, but nope, that goes to Fessy who nominated Scottie because he likes Haleigh.

Ugh, this guy is an idiot I cannot say it enough. He did not come on to play “Big Brother,” he came to play “The Bachelor” and anyone who looks, talks or flirts with Haleigh is an enemy in his eyes. The guy is a jealous moron, and I am done with Fessy and Haleigh after allowing JC and his rat like tendencies to psychology torture them. Was the move genius? Yes, but with the entire house in the HOH and Scottie the ONLY person who immediately vouches to voting out Kaycee; why did it take nearly a minute for Brett to claim he voted for Rockstar to stay?

Red flag immediately, because why delay if you did it, not to mention to immediately have Kaycee co-sign she felt Brett voted her out and immediately getting defensive right off the bat. Kaycee is a terrible liar and any fan of the fan would have ripped her apart. The show did not display that Haleigh and Fessy were both in agreement about Scottie being nominated after chatting with JC, but Scottie should have done more to argue his case and fight for his life. So nominees for the week were Brett and Scottie. If Rockstar or Bayleigh were still in the house, no way would this would have ever gone done. Trust me, if Scottie goes to jury and the others learn what transpired they are going to be livid.

So Zingbot enters the house, and delivers lackluster zings this season, even though there were plenty to zing these idiots about. However, I’m more puzzled why in the hell was the veto the Hide and Seek competition! I mean for years, Zingbot coming into the house almost always led up to a veto competition that involved strategy, skill and a puzzle of some sort. This would have been a perfect comp for Scottie to save himself, but nope, it was Brett who was victorious picking up his first win of the season after close to 60 days. So without that veto it looks like Scottie is certainly leaving on Thursday, but we still have shenanigans to discuss.

Sam is spiraling still, which makes me question why producers haven’t pulled her from the game. It’s no secret that she is having a tough time and it is not healthy. The utter madness of the destruction of the house after that veto left Sam rattled. One thing that I love is that Sam is definitely starting to play the game a bit. We know she is no fan of Haleigh, who is no fan of Sam. So Sam devised a plan to get Fessy to nominate Haleigh! It was utter nonsense, but so much fun to watch because Fessy was baffled by the pitch, especially the fact that Scottie went along with it. Well if I’m Scottie I would have done the same thing to save my game, but in reverse by pushing Sam as a contender.

The revelation led to Haleigh bawling in tears, and Sam blindsided at the veto ceremony as Scottie gave a pitch aimed at Sam indirectly. However, Fessy, the big idiot that he is, decided to nominate Kaycee once again (who was jumping with glee to be nominated yet again). Kaycee going on the block is not smart, you might have the numbers, but you could easily go home if something unexpected happens. All you have to do is tell Fessy that Haleigh is flirting with Brett, the jealousy radar skyrockets for him.

Fessy was dumbfounded by Sam’s claims, which led to utter chaos in the house as Scottie started to throw his allies under the bus. Heck, I would have two; Fessy and Haleigh stabbed him in the back in the worse possible way America! Haleigh did not like being compared to Kaitlyn, but if the shoe fits what are you going to do. It led to a crying fest with the other girls in the house and finally a heart-to-heart with Scottie where Haleigh realized she made a stupid move allowing Fessy to nominate Scottie.

Sam could be that one contestant who actually self-evicts giving Scottie a chance to survive. At this point, Tyler is the only suitable winner in my opinion; I cannot get behind Fessy because of his absolute stupidity and inability to not be used as someone’s puppet. I cannot even root for Haleigh because she allowed an ally who would NEVER PUT HER UP, go on the block. She would have to almost win out to make it at least to the final four with JC, Tyler, Angela and Sam all being evicted for her to have a fighting chance.

The only other thing I’m hoping for this season is a jury buyback. I know Kaitlyn flubbing the puzzle put a wrench in things, and we have yet to see a double eviction, with 9 people still left and less than 5 weeks in the game. Please god do NOT do another awful reset week! It’s an utter mess and waste of time and doesn’t change dynamics, a juror returning to the game would shake things the most, and if Scottie is evicted, the best case scenario is his return or Bayleigh. Why?

Tyler could almost have a cakewalk to the end with the upcoming competitions we see which are mostly mental. JC doesn’t have a fighting chance, neither does Fessy, Kaycee is an absolute bust and Brett, the verdict still remains. I’d root for him if he knew his alliance saw him at the bottom of the totem pole and he made a move to strike against them before they struck against him.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that JC lets it slip that Tyler told him Brett will be the first to go out of their core group, which I’m certain Tyler has been telling members of Level 6 that JC will be the first to cut loose. However, Tangela (Tyler and Angela) have become an item and that is already raising flags for JC and others in the house. I honestly would love to see JC as HOH, cause I don’t know what he would do. I’d expect Sam and Haleigh nominations, but Fessy is going to fight to NOT have Haleigh nominated, and Sam might argue JC owes her for not nominating him during her HOH. So I could see him targeting Brett and Angela, which Level 6 would not be pleased with.

We’re down to our final eight, and I didn’t think I would say this, but we need a twist to shake things up, I’ve lost interest in “Big Brother 20” so much to the point that I’ve skipped feeds most of this week. My only hope is the revelation that a double eviction is next week (which I’m certain is the case) and a juror or some other unexpected twist is in the works. Everyone seems to be taking Tyler to the end and that is no fun, I want to see these players PLAY the game for themselves for first place not second.