HOLLYWOOD—Oh my, how much can a week change your opinions on some of the players this season on “Big Brother 21.” People I initially liked I cannot stand, and people I was on the fence about I’m totally rooting for. This has been a crazy first week of “Big Brother 21” America. For starters, we got a first day eviction that saw David booted from the game, before he even got to play. At first I used to like this, but I can’t stand it anymore. Don’t put someone thru this hell to only allow them a few hours in the house before they receive the boot. I guess this is the producers way of getting things started, but let the game play out.

I mean if you’re going to attempt a BB10 twist, like Jerry being voted by the house via first impressions (no conversations people), that is a neat twist. Compared to allowing people to campaign for a power that no one knows what it does. Jackson got to banish four people, pair up houseguests for the first HOH and was safe for the week. That’s a lot of power people and caused alliances to form ASAP. On top of that, we have this utterly hateful and annoying alliance, Gr8tful. These people, ugh they’ve turned into the Friendship from BB6 and they have no idea, how hated they are on the outside world.

Christie is a complete nut case; this girl, whew, she tries to give off a Kaitlyn Herman ala BB20 vibe, but Kaitlyn was fun, Christie is just a mess. Emotionally, if you ask me and failed to realize when you are HOH you have to make moves. First she wanted to target Kathryn, then it switched to Kemi (for reasons none of us know) and then it switched to Ovi. She is incapable of making a decision on her own, and it will come back to bite her in the a**. Other members in her alliance include Jack. OMG, this guy is the worst. He is arrogant, pompous, rude and a complete douche. He bullies Ovi and Kemi and just says stuff that quite frankly I don’t know if he realizes comes across a bit racist or inappropriate.

He has made himself a major target in the house for many and was on the verge of potentially being backdooed by Christie, if ONLY Sam pushed a little harder people. Jack is tied to Jackson who is also a douche, but not as bad as I first perceived. When around the wrong people, he gets into this nasty groupthink mentality, but when with people one-on-one, he’s tolerable. Kathryn, jeez the girl is a complete dud, and Analyse, um who the hell is she? The girl doesn’t even want to play the game and seems to be there literally for summer camp. It doesn’t help that her personality is so stand-offish. I mean making comments about how cute people need to be to touch or date you? Take a look in the mirror Analyse (yeah, I’m not calling you ‘Sis) because you’re not that cute, I’ve seen way hotter BB contestants.

Holly, another non-entity and then we have Nick, Bella and Tommy. These are the more tolerable of the core eight America. Tommy is fun, but slightly passive. I think he will have a ton of trouble if Christie or both of them ever touch the block. Nick and Bella are somewhat in a showmance, and Bella has rat like tendencies, where she put her closet ally Kemi in harm’s way. Bella and Nick aren’t fully aware they are NOT part of the core 6, and Jack and Jackson want to target both of them. Hmm, that 8-person alliance lasted real long right.

Then we have the underdogs in Sam, Kemi, Nicole, Cliff, Jessica and Ovi. Kemi, Nicole and Jessica have bonded as a core three, who created a female alliance known as the ‘Black Widows’ the problem is they’re trying to include all the girls in the house. It will never work. Why? Kathryn is loyal to Jackson, Holly and Analyse are catty girls and Bella, she can’t be fully trusted. I like this core alliance of four though with Kemi, Bella, Jessica and Nicole. I love Nicole now, I thought I wouldn’t like this girl, but she is smart and strategic. She knows when to talk and when to shut-up, something a lot of people in this house are incapable of doing. She was quite responsible in my testament to saving Kemi from being backdoored after talking to Christie. She is bonding with the people she needs to and I can see her not making any stupid moves if she gets HOH.

So Kemi became the target most of the week, but that changed after Christie unraveled which resulted in this woman spilling all the tea to anyone who would speak. That lead to Ovi becoming the target because Sam just wanted to use the veto for reasons I don’t understand. He wants to fit in too much and that yelling, Sam STOP DOING IT IN THE DIARY ROOM! You’re not Johnny Mac; we don’t love you quite yet. Sam saved Cliff and then Christie and Same acted like they had no idea that Ovi was going on the block. Hmm, really stupid move and the acting on your part, not that great, Sam and Christie, bad BB players.

This sucks for Ovi because everyone wants him out, but he won the first Whactivity Comp, which gave him the Nightmare Power. This is a neat power that lasts for 6 weeks, where he can anonymously force the HOH in the middle of the night to have to make nominations again, keeping the original nominees safe for the week. Very neat power, but it can ONLY be used at the first nomination ceremony. Well, that does Ovi no good because he was backdoored. It should be fair game to utilize at after veto or nomination ceremony. He spilled to the power alliance and they still lied to his face about not voting him out, oh, I can’t wait for this twist to be unleashed America!

His only saving grace is to disclose the power to a few people, hopefully the underdogs, not the alliance of cool kids, which we see every year. Stop freaking casting a bunch of twentysomethings. This is why we see this same crap year after year. Cast older people and more diverse people because the focus will be on strategic gameplay and not who likes who. The thing we were all waiting for was to find out how David would impact the game with a twist NEVER seen before.

Well eviction night sure left plenty of mouths hanging; oh, baby this is a good one or not. For the next four evictions, the person voted out while be out of the game, but not out of the house. Yeah, its reminiscent of what we just say on “Survivor: Edge of Extinction.” Of the houseguest will get an opportunity to return to the game. This twist is going to stifle gameplay because people are NOT going to want to rock the boat in terms of potential blindsides. So Ovi was evicted by a unanimous vote 12-0, but everyone wanted to hug and kiss him when they learned he was still in the game.

Surprise, David is back also, but they will be relegated to a special camp room. They can’t compete or vote, but they can still dwell on the social dynamics of the game. This is good because it allows things to get stirred up because right now Holly, Jack, Jackson, Analyse and Christie are getting on my last nerves with their ignorant and racist comments. This five needs to be blow apart real quick or we have another BB15 on our hands and I think the last thing “Big Brother” wants is another one of those controversies. Oh, the icing on the cake is the HOH competition which was all about memory, and it came down to Jack and Jessica. God, I was praying for a Jess HOH, but like pure BB we can’t have good things and Jack of all people is in power.

Powers that be please give us something because I need Gra8ful to be knocked down several pegs, perhaps allowing the viewers to give a punishment to one of the houseguest will be a clear sign they’re not as loved as they think they are. Here’s hoping for some major cracks in the coming week, but I won’t hold my breathe!