HOLLYWOOD—This week on “Big Brother 21” was one hell of a week to say the least. We were in for a blindside during the third eviction, actually fourth if you think about it, all because Nick was blinded by stupidity because he wanted Nicole out the game. The Six Shooters were planning to save Nicole and hoodwinked allies Nick and Bella, by a vote of 6-4 sending Cliff packing. He was blindsided and so was Nicole, oh this is about to be good TV America.

We get to the Camp Comeback competition which is slightly luck-based, but a comp that could be anyone’s game America. David, Ovi, Kemi and Cliff, to be honest I would be happy with ANY of them coming back into the house and shake up the dynamics. What’s bad? I didn’t expect Cliff to dominate the competition, getting 6 balls into a hole during a 3-minute comp left me floored and he still had almost a minute left people. It sucked to see Kemi, David and Ovi out the game, but we can never have good things in “Big Brother” or so we thought.

Cliff was back in the game, Nick and Bella were pissed and Gr8ful as we know it was over, at least for the time being, but more fun, the Six Shooters were shaking and I mean shaking in their boots. Finally, the dynamic in the game finally changes. Not only did Cliff return to the game, but he won a clutch HOH against Jack and Christie! Yes, you heard me correctly: Cliff is the new HOH! Rejoice BB fandom, I was slightly down on Cliff, but it seems his return has shaken this house to the core and I love it. All the people who just blindsided him were dumbfounded by the fact that he has returned to the game, in power and controls their fates.

There is one slight problem: the Diamond Power of Veto, which is held by Christie. Christie having this power is a great thing because the woman is an emotional basket case. Any savvy BB player would use her emotions as a strategy to get her to do what they wanted versus what she wants. This girl cries at the drop of a time when it comes to having to make a decision and this week she was truly a mess people. Cliff was going thru various scenarios as he initially wanted to target Tommy and Christie (which was the right move). Cliff has a good read on the house; the problem is he doesn’t have any strong allies. Yes, the outsiders should want to align, but some of these people are just complete idiots.

Look the Kat is funny spill, that is overrated, the girl is dumber than a bag of rocks, so is Jessica. These two cannot see what is in front of them because they are so trying to be part of the cool kids gang, as are Nick and Sam. Look you four buffoons you were just blindsided on national TV by the six; they are NOT on your side. Kat, knew it, yet for some asinine reasoning she rather be at the bottom of an alliance who will kick her to the curb as soon as they have the opportunity to do so. I’m so over Kat, over Jess, starting to get there with Sam. Gosh, this is why I want another all-star season. Recruits sometimes are so stupid when it comes to playing the game. I get they can’t see what I see, but when you have someone telling you straight to your face they’re in an alliance and you’re not part of it, that is a clear-cut sign America.

Cliff strategized and decided to go for it, and nominated the two Jack-A**es. Oh, it was delicious feeds and delicious TV America. The people who thought they were untouchable had to gravel and realize this game can change on a dime. Christie was cracked, Holly and Sis were nervous (even though they are non-entities), Jack and Jackson got humbled a bit and Tommy cried. Tommy, the underdogs turned the tables on you, they did not bully you, if anything you bullied them. You got a taste of your own medicine and I was living for it. The level of self-righteous on Tommy is starting to annoy me to the core. If only he knew he wasn’t loved by America. He cried over Jack being nominated, just wait until he sees the backlash from the real world for his antics.

Cliff made the move, but as I noted it all came down to the Power of Veto, which was won by Jackson of all people. However, not without a bit of controversy as Jack decided to unleash his veto redraw power. Initial players were Cliff, Jack, Jackson, Sam, Jessica and Holly. With the redraw the player became Cliff, Jackson, Jack, Sam, Kat and Analyse. Did the odds work? Slightly. The Six Shooters were ecstatic knowing that they can get Bella nominated and send her packing, however, Christie’s paranoia got the best of her. Girl was spiraling big time. I mean, she was crying to anyone who would listen.

First, Tommy, then Kat, then Jess, than the entire damn house; this is why you don’t tell someone you have a power. The more people that know the easier it is to navigate around it, not to mention people aligned with you expect you to use it for them instead of yourself. Lots of players did good work, Nicole and Cliff, who got Christie to have diarrhea of the mouth. I mean she told Nicole about her dream alliance, her focus to NOT want to go to the final 6 with couples and she told Cliff about Jackson’s rogue vote and her hatred for the guy.

Jackson played very bad, because he yelled at Christie and told her to give him the power so he can get blood on his hands. Christie does not take well to threats, so with Jackson coming off the block, Jack will remain intact. Oh, the asshole will finally get a taste of his own medicine and I’m living for it America. Christie wanted to save her power, but at the same time wanted to potentially save Jack. The sucky part is if Kat wasn’t such an airhead the other side would have the votes to take a number from the opposing side.

She’s stupid though and doesn’t realize she’ll be soon out the door and I cannot wait for Julie to read her the riot act. Jessica is also on that list because she spoke about morality and thought Bella needed to go as well. Jess and Kat, you’re next on the list if you didn’t already see it. Christie told one person she wasn’t using the power, then immediately told someone else that she was using the power. It all came down to a conversation with Cliff and even here we still don’t precisely what is going to happen.

It was an important conversation as Cliff needed to appeal to Christie’s desires, which he did quite well. The problem is Cliff was worried about social currency in the game. Look BB is a marathon, but at the same time you cannot hope to get a few more weeks, your goal should always be to win the game. Promise Christie everything in the world to not use your power and then go back on it. Why? SHE VOTED YOU OUT! That’s all you need to say, end of discussion.

Look, I love a good backstab, especially when its contestants who deserve it, Christie and her gang deserve it. It would be perhaps the greatest moment in BB history if he gets Christie to not utilize her power, therefore sealing the fate of one of her allies, causing a massive ruckus in the house and battle lines to be firmly drawn.

Too bad Cliff failed to realize you can lie in this game. And you’re doing their dirty work by nominating Bella and then allowing Christie to keep her power. You know what that means Cliff? If one of the outsiders win HOH next week, Christie can take another number from the core because of her power. Flush it out, you could have said you better use that power to nominate Bella, otherwise Tommy or you goes up! Nope, he wanted to play safe, play docile, and I’m over him. Ugh, I’m so frustrated now. At least Nick and Sam FINALLY realized they cannot trust Christie, Jackson is starting to annoy Christie so much so she is ready to strike causing a major rift in the six, so this is hopeful, but in no way am I rooting for Cliff anymore. When you play safe, you go home. Cliff you’re cancelled!

Gosh, this feels like BB19 all over again, and I hated that season. I only have Nicole, Sam and Nick to root for now, because Jess and Kats are complete idiots, Cliff has not guts, and I cannot stand the Six Shooters. They’re more like the Friendship 2.0, but they have no idea, can’t wait till America gives them a dose of reality, it’ll be well deserved. Endurance HOH is this week, and for the life of me, I really need Nicole to win HOH, I think she and maybe Nick might be the only ones really convinced to make a move.