HOLLYWOOD—After the dismal, and I mean dismal “Big Brother 22” which was the second All-Stars season of the franchise, a new group of houseguests are about to be cut off from the world to compete for $500,000. Just thinking about “BB22” makes me angry knowing it was all-stars, and it absolutely ranks in my top 5 of worst seasons of BB ever.

Let’s focus on the good people, because we have 16 newbies ready to lie, deceive, backstab, argue and compete for that top prize. However, what surprises should audiences prepare for? Well, we’re getting teams again (yay, not really America). This was done in BB11, BB14 and BB18. The team that wins HOH will be safe for the week, but here is the problem with that notion, the houseguests can simply align with another team or two and they have the majority alliance to wipe out the team that is on the outs. I’m talking too much about the dynamics of the game, which is expected to be a risk and reward theme, we’ll talk about all that chaos when the season premieres on July 7.

Whitney Williams.

Time to meet our houseguests, which is indeed the most diverse cast we have ever seen. I feel like this is absolutely going to change the dynamics and at times groupthink mentality that tends to be a norm on “Big Brother.” It is important to note, the oldest person on the cast is ONLY 40. I know, the days of having at least 2 maybe 3 houseguests between the ages of 50-70 seem long gone, perhaps the casting should reconsider this, um, just look at “Big Brother 10” people. With that said, we didn’t get live interviews, just bio breakdowns of each houseguest so it is hard to gauge people.

Azah Awasum.

We have Alyssa Lopez, 24, who is a swimwear designer, a fan of the show and hails from Sarasota, Florida. Something tells me Alyssa has her focus on the win and has been thinking about how she will play the game for years.  There is Azah Awasum, 30, from Baltimore, Maryland who heralds Jun, yes that Jun from BB4 as her favorite player and thinks Keesha’s birthday is a classic moment. Thank you BB Gods, we have someone who knows old school BB!

We have flight attendant, Brent Champage, 28, (yes that is his actual last name people), who is a former athlete from Cranston, Rhode Island who gives off bro-mentality, but he might surprise us. There is 24 year-old Kindergarten teacher, Britini D’Angelo, who I feel is going to annoy people just on her bio of accomplishments. There is safety officer, Derek Frazier, 29, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who happens to be the son of legendary boxer, Smokin’ Joe Frazier. This guy looks like he is going to be a firecracker of energy people. He isn’t the only Derek in the house, because we have Derek Xiao, 24, who is a start-up founder, and based on his bio is an enigma. He is smart, yet athletic. It will be interesting to see how the house names these two.

Brent Champagne.

There is farmer, Brandon “Frenchie” French, who hails from Camden, Tennessee, who is also an enigma that I think will be a fun character on the show. There is general contractor assistant Christian Birkenberger, 23, who highlights the different size of his pupils and gives off vibes of another bro-mentality. The one contestant to watch is Hannah Chaddha, 21, a graduate student from Chicago, who is intelligent and seems cunning. Something tells me she will be the one to play the game hard and not be afraid to backstab and blindside to get to the end of the game people. I am interested to see her play.

We have movie lover Kyland Young, 29, who seems like another ball of energy, if you’ve seen any of his videos on various movie reviews. There is forensic scientist, Sarah Young, 27, who notes her strategy to win is to float. Hmm, a floater, not sure if I’m giddy to see such a player. There is phlebotomist, Tiffany Mitchell, 40, the oldest player in the house. She has a son, but her bio doesn’t give the audience much to go off of behind noting she has an alter ego. Tech sales consultant, Travis Long, 22, who seems like you are either going to love him or hate him. The guy is definitely giving off douche vibes, but we might be surprised.

Hannah Chaddha.

There is make-up artist, Whitney Williams, 30, who was named after singer Whitney Houston, however, she cannot sing. She is a mother and if you’ve done some homework, she has an inspiring story people. Definitely one to root for and to round out the cast we have attorney, Xavier Prather, 27, who looks athletic and like a major threat if not taken out sooner versus later. We have a last minute replacement for a cast member who was released last week, but had to exit the game. We’ll learn more about her on Wednesday people.

Get ready for your summer guilty pleasure. “Big Brother 23” premieres Wednesday, July 7, with a live move-in America at 8 p.m. Yes, that means we will get live feeds for a second year in the row, and with new houseguests. Please BB Gods make up for the dread that BB22 gave us.