HOLLYWOOD—It is absolutely mind-boggling how quickly one’s opinion of people can change on the reality-competition series “Big Brother,” particularly its 23rd season. A week ago I was a fan of Frenchie, I thought Travis was bad news, Whitney I thought I would like and Britini I thought would be annoying. Man, a week in that house can change a ton of things people. Last week we got our first introduction to the houseguests, we learned about the ‘risk and reward’ theme of the season, crowned our first Head of Household of the season, and learned about the Wildcard Competition and the team twist.

Yes, it is indeed a lot to take in America, but let me just say Frenchie is our HOH. I was rooting for him on Wednesday, but by Thursday of last week I was over him. Frenchie is the issue with so called super fans. They think they know each and everything they can about the BB game. You might know what transpired each season, but that is NOT the same as actually playing the game. You know why? Each season changes, new twists, new people, new ways of strategy have to be implemented to ensure your survival and longevity in the game.

Mr. Woke as he has been coined via Twitter and the live feeds (yes, I keep up with the feeds so I know what is REALLY going on in the house that the episodes don’t always showcase to the public). Frenchie was talking with Tiffany night one about being aligned with the older houseguests and the parents (there are only 3 people: Tiffany, Frenchie and Whitney). That has sense changed. He chatted so much about not nominating any minorities or women, as he hated “BB21” because of the racism and bullying that transpired that season.

Yeah, “BB21” and “BB15” are seasons that almost don’t exist to the producers on the show. Controversy is something they don’t like to tackle unless they absolutely have to because everyone else is talking about it. With that said, Frenchie went from someone I was rooting for to someone whose downfall I cannot wait to see. Why? He is suffering from a bit of HOHitis. People forget you are only HOH for a week, after that week, you’re back in the water with all the fishes. Frenchie went from targeting Brent (can’t stand him), to targeting Christian, to targeting Derek X to targeting Alyssa and Kyland.

Yes, Frenchie’s nominations came completely out of left field and made absolutely no sense whatsoever. He wanted to target alpha males, notably Brent was in his crosshairs and he was going to be devious and have Brent help him with his nomination speech as he placed him on the block. Vicious to say the least, but after a convo with Brent, they’re now besties and Brent is thinking he is running the house. Brent is giving me Cody 2.0 vibes, and I’m NOT talking about Cody from BB19, I’m talking about boring Cody from BB16 and BB22, on top of that Brent is a douche. He is the guy talking about blindsides and I think he’s going to be the one to receive a brutal blindside this season and I cannot wait for it to happen.

Frenchie’s biggest problem was he told the entire house what he was planning to do. Not nominate women or minorities. Here’s the problem with that. When you do such a thing, people are going to expect you to hold true to those words. Frenchie didn’t do that, so his word is like nothing to a lot of people in the game. I mean Azah doesn’t trust her teammate, Britini is wavering, Derek F has the biggest loose lips ever, and I’m over him. Having wild energy is not always a good thing and Big D as he is being called is proof of that.

Derek X, Azah, Tiffany and Claire don’t trust Frenchie. Let me put this out there. Tiffany was an enigma to me coming into the game. The woman is a fan of the show and perceptive as hell. She knows what fans want without trying to cater to the fans people (hello Frenchie). She is absolutely one to watch. Travis I thought I would not like, but the guy is not some dumb douche bro. He’s the polar opposite; he gives off those vibes, but it’s more to him than meets the eye, however, he’s in major trouble this week and not even putting up a fight.

Why? Frenchie and Brent assumed something about Christian ala Derek X with a potential showmance (because of Kyland) with Alyssa that doesn’t even exist. Confusing? Trust me it was for me to. Frenchie assumed Christian and Alyssa have something (they don’t), they are teammates and that was his reasoning for targeting Christian initially. However, Christian won the Wildcard Competition and saved his teammate Xavier. So that takes 2 more guys off the table as possible nominees leaving Derek X, Brent, Travis and Kyland as the only options.

Bros will be bros and Derek X clearly associated himself solely with Travis, Christian and Kyland, scaring Frenchie. So let me sum this up the best way possible, Frenchie wants to be in an alliance with everyone, which is currently known as the Slaughterhouse. This is just one of the very many alliances that will not last past week 1 because we have The Butchers, Sirens, The Cookout, the Jackpots the list goes on and on. There are players NOT playing well and looking out for their own interest. This is why I wish the teams were NOT introduced because we would see more mudslinging, but that is being delayed by the team twist.

With all that said, the Power of Veto competition would be crucial with Derek X, Travis and Tiffany all playing in addition to Frenchie, Kyland and Alyssa. Yeah, Frenchie’s worst case scenario: Derek X and Travis also competing, people he wanted to target. Well, good news Derek X won veto and plans to use it on Kyland meaning Travis one of his closest allies would hit the block. Here’s the problem, Derek X doesn’t seem to realize how valuable Travis is to him. He is a major shield in front of him and Travis doesn’t really have anyone.

Things are fluid and this second HOH will be vital. I mean Kyland isn’t even loyal to Derek X who was stressed endlessly about saving an ally and Kyland is just throwing him under the bus. I can already see who I like and I can count those people on one hand: Tiffany, Claire, Azah, Derek X, Brittni, Hannah and Xavier. I like Sarah Beth, but she doesn’t appear to have the killer instinct considering all the Intel she has and she’s just sitting on it especially a massive alliance she is not in!

I am eager to see how this Azah, Claire and Hannah trio will work out as these ladies do seem to have chemistry and it’s a group to watch. Could we finally see a successful female alliance? Who knows the one thorn could be Britini, who seems to have ‘hate’ for Hannah that is one-sided. If I’m being secretly honest, I would love for Hannah to win HOH next week just to see what she would do. The girl is perceptive, a wild card and has been quiet on the feeds so far this week, which is a good and bad thing.

Alyssa isn’t giving me much, she’s aligned with the douche bros Christian and Brent and why people can’t see that I don’t know. I’m secretly hoping news about the Slaughterhouse spills and we have a split vote and Alyssa is blindsided and booted as a result of her arrogance starting to catch up with her. It would make for terrific TV and give Brent what he wanted: a blindside people didn’t see coming. Week 1 was crazy, and I cannot wait till see what unfolds for week 2.