HOLLYWOOD—Whew, the first week of “Big Brother 23” ran circles around that bore of a season of “All-Stars 2.” Frenchie was HOH and was making deals left and right people. He formed so many final two’s and alliances I could not keep control. After much chaos, things came crashing down this week, as Kyland won a crapshoot HOH and is now in power people. I hate crapshoot competitions I really do.

It is amazing how you can go from the bottom to the top in a matter of a few days. In case you don’t know, Kyland was nominated by Frenchie last week and was on the cusp of being evicted as Frenchie kept changing his target left and right people. Kyland had that in mind with his nominations, where he took no conversations Thursday night and waited till Friday in the midst of the Wildcard Competition and the looming nomination ceremony.

First off, loving this duo of Tiffany, Claire and Derek X. Derek X doesn’t know the game that well, he is a recruit, but he is learning on the cusp people thanks to Tiffany’s tutelage. I was so wrong about Tiffany, this woman is playing fantastic, but reminder, we’re only in week two so things can absolutely change people. It is no hiding that Claire and Tiffany are a duo; they’re always hanging around another, which could become dangerous if the wrong person gets their hands on HOH.

So Tiffany, Claire and Derek X used the chessboard to display the dynamics of the house and it was some incredible strategy to say the least. They were damn close to have a strong pulse on the house, minus a few errors. They didn’t know about the Slaughterhouse Thursday, but come Friday everyone knew about the Slaughterhouse thanks to Frenchie spiraling and spilling the tea to Hannah, Sarah Beth and so many others. FYI, I love Sarah Beth, it’s her strong allegiance to Kyland that allowed her to first learn about the eight-person alliance. Kyland talks a little much and his struggle with his ADHD requires him to overanalyze his strategy in the game, but it’s so nice to see the reality competition showcase those struggles.

Kyland really wanted to stick to the numbers with the Slaughterhouse, little did he know that alliance was very close to giving him the boot last week. He still doesn’t fully know that, but he is indeed getting the crumbs people. So if you would ask me Kyland’s number one its Sarah Beth, followed by Xavier, and he’s building a potential alliance with the Kings and Queens (Sarah Beth, Christian, Alyssa, Xavier, Tiffany and Claire). Hmm, not too sure about Christian and Alyssa who everyone in the house knows are in a showmance, but we’ll see once power is gained by those two, two bad they are considering throwing the next HOH.

So Sarah Beth smoked Frenchie and Brent who also played in the Wildcard competition, which both Frenchie and Brent needed to stay safe. So for BB fans, we finally got a win. However, if Sarah Beth wanted safety, she would need to swap teams. So she had to choose between jumping to the queens and in doing so Tiffany or Claire would have been moved to the Kings team. Sarah Beth said nope, which is dangerous because a true player would have pinpointed why she made such a decision. Is she aligned with Kyland? Something many in the house did not perceive people.

So it was time for the nomination ceremony, but before we get to that Kyland had multiple quick ‘meetings’ as he called it, which had all the houseguests scrambling and it was great strategy by the way people, even though he could have run out of time people. It was apparent Sarah Beth, Tiffany and Claire struck a major chord with Kyland giving him information he desperately needed. Apparently Frenchie and Whitney had a blow up earlier in the day that led to him outing the Slaughterhouse and putting targets on Brent and Whitney, who Tiffany coined the three-headed dragon along with Frenchie.

Frenchie is dangerous, but I would argue that he can be managed, Brent and Whitney not so sure about. With that said, Kyland nominated Frenchie and Britini. Britini was an emotional mess and if we’re being honest she just doesn’t have ties to Kyland so it makes sense why he nominated her alongside Frenchie, who I think knew he was the target; an eye for an eye. This man was spiraling, talking about winning the Power of Veto and giving it to Britini to save her. Really Frenchie?

Too bad Frenchie wouldn’t get that chance as Derek X won his second consecutive veto. Ok, Derek X you’re showing your threat level. If there is ANYTHING you should not do in week three its win HOH or POV unless you absolutely know you’re in danger. The same applies for the Wildcard Competition, which changes from week to week, so I have no idea what twist will come with safety this upcoming week. My gut tells me the goal is to amplify risk and threat level to new heights.

What does that mean? To get safety you have to name someone who will be placed on the nomination block in risk of eviction or you lose the opportunity to play in the upcoming HOH or something. Perception is everything in the house and three wins in three weeks will absolutely show people you are a competition threat, which you don’t want to have happen people.

So it’s looking like the crazed Frenchie is about to get the boot and I will admit I’m sad to say that. Derek X did not use the POV is slim to known and unless Kyland is willing to put up Brent or Whitney and send them packing it’s a waste. Let’s talk briefly about Frenchie’s teammates: Azah and Derek F or Big D as the house coins him.

Big D was enraged by Frenchie’s nomination and couldn’t understand it as that is his #1 ally and remember he has a final two with the former HOH. Big D is showing his allegiance and his ability to not be loyal to The Cookout or the people who thought they were aligned with him. As for Azah, the girl has been quiet, she has to socialize MORE and not buy into Frenchie’s pity party. For Hannah, gosh I really need her to win HOH next week because she needs to wield that power, but at the same time, it is not good for fans because Brent would be immune from being nominated.

The fact that Brent and Whitney think they are safe is amazing people. Especially Whitney because she wants to throw HOH, which I think Brent would gun for it, but since we just had a crapshoot, I’m almost certain this upcoming HOH is going to be a quiz or memory competition with a potential endurance, but I think it’s a little soon for endurance. Brent and Whitney are targets for most of the house and they don’t even know it. However, with so many people willing to throw, Brent might come into power, which would change the dynamic of the house people. Week 3 could turn out to be very interesting to say the least people.