HOLLYWOOD—Could week 9 be the week that the secret about ‘The Cookout’ alliance is finally exposed in the “Big Brother 23” house? I hoped it would, but these people are NOT willing to play the game for themselves and it frustrates me to the core. However, people’s true colors started to come out and made me go from rooting for them to waiting for the moment for them to be evicted. Only in BB can you go from rooting for a player for one week to hating them the next week. That player this week is Xavier. I thought this guy was calm and collected, but that is when he gets his way. When he doesn’t get his way, guess what he’s a whiny brat.

I mean this endurance HOH was not endurance HOH at all, I mean it was over within a damn hour and the entire Cookout had a plan to throw the HOH to Derek F or Azah. Ok, let’s be real, Big D never had a chance, he fell off the rope before Julie came back from the commercial. The other OMG moment was Alyssa falling within minutes of Big D. Why? I was looking forward to her taking a shot at Kyland, but she was out. Then we had Hannah fall, Xavier fall, Azah fall, so much for an Azah HOH, which would have been interesting to see. So it was down to Kyland and Tiffany, and for reasons I cannot fathom Kyland, Xavier and Big D were annoyed that Tiffany did not drop.

So wait a minute, you guys are upset that Tiffany is playing a game trying to win the $750,000 prize and she gunned for HOH? Give me a break. If anything you should be just as upset with Kyland. Why? That would have been his third HOH people and no one was concerned about that after his countless one-on-ones in the middle of the night and for long periods of time people. This week has confirmed for me that I don’t like any of the guys in the Cookout alliance. Kyland is condescending, dismissive and thinks he’s the smartest guy in the world, Xavier is arrogant and cocky as hell and Big D is misogynist and disrespectful as hell to women.

I don’t want to see any of them win the game, it would be nice to see a woman claim that prize and if I’m being honest Tiffany has played a stellar game up till this week. More on that in a bit. Tiffany outlasted Kyland and won HOH for the second consecutive week, technically it was her first full HOH after being dethroned by the secret HOH who was Claire. Claire was ecstatic, but that might be short-lived as we near the Power of Veto ceremony. I got so tired of hearing Xavier, Kyland and Big D complain it was just beyond annoying as hell. This is the testament of a good BB player: they know how to navigate when they face adversity, Kyland, Big D and Xavier aren’t good at it at all people.

The worst travesty this season would be Big D winning. I think anyone sitting next to him in the end would mop the floor in their final speech against the master manipulator as he likes to call himself. He’s not a good talker and there is no way he can convince the jury he’s played a better game than anyone else. If he wins a few HOHs and takes out players like Tiffany, Xavier and Kyland than we can talk; however, I don’t see that happening in the least. Tiffany was giddy with her win as her goal was to keep Claire safe for the week and nominated Alyssa and Xavier, who complained about being nominated for the third consecutive week.

Hmm, Xavier this is the first time you’ve truly been nominated. The first two times were all your doing. Alyssa winning the roulette, you choosing to be a third nominee were all decisions based on chance and choice. This is the first official time he touched the block and his attitude and commentary about people being selfish and greedy. Dude, you’re simply trying to protect Alyssa because you’re safe and everyone freaking knows it, no one is stupid. I’m over him, I can’t wait to see him evicted to be brought down to Earth. Hell, I would like the remaining women to just unite and boot the remaining guys, so we have a female final two.

The POV was crucial because if Alyssa won fireworks would erupt and they did because Alyssa won the tiny POV competition and she is safe and Tiffany is nominating her closet ally on her HOH and sending her to the jury. America I cannot fathom this, I just can’t. I get you guys are doing this for a cause, but I’m so over this cause at this point. You’re shooting yourself in the foot Tiffany! X and Big D want you out ASAP and Alyssa is going to target you if she wins the final 7 HOH which could happen during this upcoming double eviction, but when that news is revealed it might change everyone’s perception of things.

Tiffany you are absolutely stupid for making this move, I don’t care what anyone says, you’re trying to win the game, you’re not winning the game with this move, you’re doing Xavier’s bidding and he loves every moment of it. However, the Cookout tried to run thru scenarios to explain to Claire why she is going up. Um, how about the truth people. There is NO POINT LYING ANYMORE its 6 vs 2, pull off the band-aide and screw X. Why would you NOT sabotage his game if your game is being sabotage, let the Cookout be exposed and everyone is solo at this point.

I cannot understand Tiffany and the rest of the alliance trying to keep the truth a secret, it benefits X, not you and you don’t think Alyssa is going to realize wait a sec, why would Tiffany nominate her closet ally Claire. You know what, that means she’s working with others. Anyone with a brain and who has some knowledge of BB would know this. Alyssa is not that bright like Zingbot pointed out.

It was shattering witnessing Claire have that chat with Tiffany and I wish I was in that house, cause I would tell Tiffany screw it, you have a son your SON is your priority over the cause. You can change your life with this money. He needs to be a top factor in the decision you make, not determining what is best for the alliance. Only 1 person wins BB not 6, think about that. I appreciate what the Cookout is doing, but it is annoying me as a fan of the game because I want people to be selfish and play for themselves and they’re not.

Jury management is a major part of this game and no one is thinking about it. I wonder how the alliance would feel if they discovered Kyland broke the pact and revealed the alliance (not the name in his goodbye messages). They would not be happy people, not a single bit. In addition, nothing annoys a juror more when a player makes them look stupid. Just ask Paul who lost BB18 and BB19 by one vote, by NOT OWNING HIS GAME PEOPLE. Claire is a smart player and respects good gameplay, hiding the alliance which is going to come out is the worst thing you can do.

Zingbot did enter the house, but the zings were just terrible. I cannot remember the last time the zings actually stung people. Maybe that time Kathy Griffin entered the house in BB 16?

Hell, Azah was even sacrificing herself again for Tiffany so that Claire didn’t have to go up. She’s checked out, the girl doesn’t want to play BB and I’m like do it Tiff. Hell you should be putting up Big D and taking the shot at him or Xavier. Have Claire win the next HOH take a shot at Kyland or whoever remains from Big D and X and then go after Alyssa and Claire when you’re down to six.

That’s not happening so the only hope we have is this double double. We thought a triple eviction was looming, nope. It’s a double eviction this Thursday, so we will go from 8 to 6 and then the following week it’s another double eviction that is TOTALLY going to surprise the houseguests because they will NOT see that coming as we go from 6 to 4. That means the final six POV has to be ‘comics’ it absolutely has to be. I guess when we get to the 6 the chaos will finally set in, but by that time the game is almost over. Will I care? I don’t know, I hope so, but this first double eviction I think is about to be a ton of fun, especially, if Alyssa is HOH or wins the POV.

I think I want to see Alyssa get nominated and win the POV. Who will the alliance first turn on; I guess it depends on who is HOH. An Azah or Hannah HOH would be the most fun because would Hannah take the shot at X and we know Azah is taking the shot at Kyland which means a power competitor would be out and that changes the game, so we can only hope, but this double eviction will indeed be a nail bitter to say the least.