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“Big Brother 25” Week 7 Recap

More lies and deception erupted in this week in the "Big Brother 25" house.

HOLLYWOOD—What a week people, because it was fascinating to witness “Big Brother 25.” I mean we got a blindside, shifting alliances, break-ups, utter chaos and just mayhem on mayhem. FYI most of this unfolded on the live feeds, but oh, was it worth it. For those not in the know, Izzy, the loyal trooper to Cirie and Jared, who knew the bond between mother and son, found herself booted from the game as misinformation flowed throughout the house. Let me just say this, it could have all been prevented if Jared wasn’t so against Cory and America. I think it was a bit of jealously as he knew Cory was his #2, until America took over that role.

That is the thing about a showmance, it can turn a game on its head for a player. Cory realized after Matt spilled to America about Cirie playing in the Power of Path competition he was not in a good spot and made a move to take out an ally in Izzy. The flip was happening, and only Jared, Cirie, Blue and Izzy were unaware. However, the contestants forget Cirie has played such games more than once, particularly on “Survivor” where blindsides are all too potent and she knows how to sus things out. Cirie asked Jared to go investigate which he did, and then he told a lie. Look, did Jared need to create a lie to get the truth? No, but I was not mad at the move it was actually genius if he actually doubled down on it. If you tell a lie, similar to what Jackson did in BB21, you commit to it fully.

Jared’s inability to consider that option is what tanked things for him in that argument with Cory. Yes, it was a battle royal between Cory and Jared in the Have Not room, where screaming and alliances were exposed. Jared looked bad, but so did Cory in my view because it exposed some of his dealings, even though he has this new foursome with Matt, America and Jag. Jag sort of woke up this week and started to game, as did Meme and Blue. Blue realized Jared has been playing her for weeks and decided to be covert, still align, get information and not rat out allies.

It was brilliant game play from Blue who is actually playing the game and knows Cirie is Jared’s mother. Girl, you can use that to your advantage. You guys can be a trio and perhaps pull in Matt and a Bowie, but keep Jared on the outs as Matt is no longer a fan. Matt is my pick to win it all at this point. He is playing the game and doing so in a covert and smart way. He knows with Izzy out, he can pull in Cirie. With Jared as the new HOH, oh, the wall it was epic (but not long) and I was rooting for Jared as much as I hate him as a player. You like to see the people on the bottom make a move or gain power when needed most.

Reminds me of classic BB6 where the power was constantly shifting, which has been fun to witness, this season it’s more of a Jared and Cameron trade off with them both winning 2 HOHs and 1 POV, no one else in the house has won anything besides Felicia winning HOH and Jag winning two POVs (after his victory this week). More on that later people. Jag aligned with a power foursome and is reigniting his relationship with Blue, while Matt is loyal to him. However, Matt is loyal to Cirie too and he has a bond with her that is strong, and it feels slightly unbreakable, if I’m being honest.

People are playing and are self-interested which is what I want more than anything in a player people. Meme spilled to Felicia that Cirie and Jared were planning to vote her out, if only Meme realized that America, Jag, Matt and Blue have all chatted about her being a loose link at some point in the game, I wonder how she would feel. Hey, your bestie Felicia was even ok letting you go and nominating you on the block at some point. Meme’s gameplay is too passive for my liking. She is invincible on the TV show. She really needs some power, and my gut instinct is telling me she might win HOH during the double eviction, which is great, but I think she needs an entire week to really solidify her bonds. The issue is I have NO IDEA who she would target as HOH.

She might not be able to trust Cirie and Jared, but she needs them in the game as targets, and she needs to take a shot at America, Matt or Blue, if I’m being honest. Let the others go after Jared and Cirie and use them to go after the others. She is building that bond with Cory, but her blind loyalty to Felicia is a problem. You need someone to win these physical comps and Felicia just isn’t going to do that. In addition, she might appear beatable to others in the game, you have to be careful with players like that because others will want to take you out over her because they don’t know where you stand because you’re not actively talking to people on a regular basis.

Bowie is just blowing with the wind, and she’s gaming slightly, but we’re about to enter the jury phase after this double eviction and that changes EVERYTHING. You have to manage the jury and at the same time take out threats you cannot beat at the end. Jag is too flippantly reliant on Cory and America. That is a duo, they are going to the end with one another, not you. Jag cannot beat Cory or Matt in a final two. Hell, I think he would have trouble beating Meme and perhaps Felicia if she gets there.

Who could Jag beat, Jared, Bowie, Blue. Things are about to get ugly if Jared does indeed get the boot in the DE which is looking more likely by the minute with the entire house against Cirie and Jared. When things like that happen, it should open your eyes. What happens after they’re gone? That is something Meme, Felicia, Bowie are not thinking about. Those three should actually align and then utilize Jared and Cirie and even Matt to target the other side and lie in the middle. Again, people are not thinking.

Cirie has her pulse on the alliances and things taking place in the game, the problem is she is relying on Jared and his ego just thinks they are safe. Jared the call is coming from inside the house. This is why I wish Izzy was still in the house because she would confirm Cirie’s suspicions, and they could make a move. It hurts that Jared spills all to Blue who feeds it to Matt and Jag, and it’s spilled throughout the house.

So, Thursday should be very exciting, and something tells me we’re likely getting a crapshoot HOH or a quiz, as timing is everything. I can guarantee one thing, if Jared goes out in the double eviction, Cirie is spilling her secret, and if she spills that secret before Blue that is bad for Blue, in all honesty, it might not be bad for a hail marry and hold a house meeting to reveal all. It will explain a lot to the HGs that they just don’t know. Risky, but at this point with the entire house against you what do you have to lose? There is this Scary Verse twist that has me thinking a battle back between the next two or three evicted houseguests and something wickedly crazy as we still have 8 weeks left in the game and 9 players. Do the math people. There are plenty of twists still coming our way.

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