HOLLYWOOD—Well at last, the game inside the “Big Brother: All-Stars” house has FINALLY kicked off and it only took 6 weeks for things to transpire. I feel this was the same sentiment in BB21? Why? The majority alliance strategy stifles gameplay to a point that it becomes just utter boredom, so I’m starting to be in agreement with many in the community: shorten the cast so massive alliances cannot form right away. With that said, there are a few things we have to chat about from last week including that explosive fight involving Da’Vonne, Christmas and Bayleigh.

Oh, I loved it. Christmas was called out for being a hypocrite and has no idea how bad she looked on TV being a complete asshole. Bayleigh and Da’Vonne were well aware of their image and not being deemed the ‘angry black woman’ which reality TV is known for highlighting. Question: did anyone coin Christmas as the ‘angry white woman?’ Of course not, but the fight totally plummeted Christmas game and there is no way she can win a jury vote in my opinion. Bayleigh was evicted by a unanimous vote, and we had our first endurance competition of the season, ‘the wall.’

I’ll be honest I’m sick of the wall, there are other endurance comps that can be thrown into the mix; there is too much predictability when it comes to the comps for the players. Creating new comps pushes them to never expect the expected. I mean hello pressure cooker, how about the endurance competition in BB18, heck I’ll even take the spinning discs comp or how about the BB19 comp after the pre-jury buyback that was a ton of fun people. Let’s make things fair and put the how bad do you want it element into the mix. With that said, I was praying anyone beyond the core alliance winning, but after Kevin and ultimately Tyler fell, we were stuck with Cody, Dani and Nicole, with Dani winning after her allies threw it.

Now, this is where things get super intriguing. Dani was certain it was going to be an easy week, but she must have forgotten about the powers unleashed last week. It became clear it was the core alliance against Ian, David, Da’Vonne and Kevin. Dani nominated Kevin and David, but she was delivered a hell of a surprise, when David unleashed his ‘Disruptor’ power which allowed him to be removed from the block and safe for the week. Oh, it created chaos and I was ecstatic that David won the power. It was the shakeup we needed to get this game exciting. Dani on the spot had to nominate another player, and she decided to go with her gut: Tyler.

For weeks, she has been talking about getting Tyler out. Girl, you have a shot and now you’re whining about it? Give me a break already. So with Kevin and Tyler as nominees, The Committee who is not running the house, but people seem to think they are, wanted to take out Kevin if nominations stayed the same. Go figure. David played dumb about the power being used and did no favors for himself, but as the week progressed, David, Kevin and Da’Vonne realized they had to align, its bad optics though with the ONLY minorities in the house being targeted by the majority White alliance.

However, there was still a POV competition and the players were Tyler, Kevin, Dani, Ian, Enzo and Da’Vonne. I LOVED this competition; it was different and was anyone’s to take that required patience and delicacy. Guess what America, Da’Vonne won her first comp and it sent the house into tailspin. I was so happy for her to get that victory people because it was beyond a confidence booster, but it exploded this house. Dani and company wanted her to NOT use the veto so they could blindside her on eviction night. Dani even came up with the dumbest idea ever to try to pull the wool over Da’Vonne. This girl is paranoid as hell. Do you honestly think having everyone expose themselves at the veto meeting to vote out Tyler would NOT send red flags?

Of course it would and Da’Vonne was smart not to tell anyone her plans and dropped the mic during the veto meeting saving Kevin forcing Dani to nominate Ian after talking for days about not touching him. A bit of inside tea, Dani, Memphis, Christmas, Cody and Nicole F got a talking to by production about comments involving Ian and his autism. As someone who watches the live feeds, it was disgusting to see Memphis and Dani attack Ian, then the others sit back and laugh about it. Well, it made national headlines and TMZ and a ton of other outlets picked up the tale and the things have spread like a wildfire.

Franzel is a nervous wreck knowing her image is in major jeopardy. Sorry, Nicole you’ve lost a ton of sponsors, so when you come out it’s going to be a storm to face. As does Memphis, Dani, Xmas and Cody, who deserve to be held to the fire also. So Cody who has been quite persuasive this season, got Dani to place Ian on the block as a nominee after Day rightfully used the POV to remove Kevin from the block. Thank you Da’Vonne, because Nicole is whining, Xmas is delusional, Dani and Cody are livid they didn’t get their way for once. Yeah, it sucks when the people in power, no longer have the power, it’s called “Big Brother” get over it people!

So this vote could be dicey because Nicole doesn’t want to lose her ally in Ian, Tyler looks safe, but things could easily flip, lies are being told and the cracks are starting to open in the major alliance and I love it.