SAN FRANCISCO—An anonymous Good Samaritan bike messenger has been hailed ‘a hero’ for his prompt action after an unidentified homeless woman gave birth to a baby on a street corner in San Francisco.

A graphic video of the birth surfaced via KRON4 News on Tuesday, November 24, showing the homeless woman give birth underneath a covered Muni bus stop. The footage was captured on a smartphone of a witness nearby.

After the unexpected birth of the baby boy at the corner of Sixth and Market Street, the messenger acted swiftly taking off his shirt and wrapping it around the newborn until the fire department arrived shortly after.

According to eyewitnesses, many surrounding people in the area did not do much to help, other than just stand by and watch the incident unfold as the baby was born, lying on the sidewalk. 

Many believe that the woman was mentally ill, due to her confusion as to what was happening, and why she was giving birth. Witnesses commented that the woman did not seem to understand that she was pregnant at all. According to another unidentified witness, the woman made no sounds as she was giving birth, “she just looked surprised.”

Local DJ Aaryon Comini of the Crazy Horse Club, was standing next to the bus stop at the time of the incident and commended the anonymous bike messenger for his heroic actions. “When he saw what happened, [he] jumped off, grabbed the baby, and wrapped it up in his shirt.” 

Comini commented that the biker was given a shirt by the club and cleaned up inside after the fire officials arrived.

Police reported that the boy was born premature, at 32 weeks. According to officers, the mother and son were released from the hospital shortly after receiving medical attention, and are doing well.