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Bill, Katie At War On “Bold And Beautiful!”

Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) has set his sights on Katie now that she is seeking sole custody of their son on "The Bold and the Beautiful."

HOLLYWOOD—I have the slightest idea what the hell is going on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful,” but there have been more weddings this year than I can count. Some weddings went off without a hitch, while others hit a major and I mean major snag. Well, last week another wedding took place, one that I think fans have been wanting for years: Liam and Hope. Yes, after all this mayhem involving Ridge, Bill, Wyatt and Steffy, the lovebirds found themselves back together.

The wedding was quite tame; there were no major outbursts, well at least not till the wedding was over. Liam and Hope are husband and wife at last, Steffy seems to be at peace, but Taylor and Brooke are at war; so much to the point that the enemies had a war of words in the kitchen, before a hilarious cat fight ensued. It was the best thing of the entire week because it let it be known that these two ladies still hate each other and it was only funnier that Hope and Steffy made their moms do the walk of shame at the wedding reception.

I’m hoping this turn of events puts the knife in the fork of this ever-ending love triangle between Hope, Liam and Steffy. We’ve seen this tale for far too long and as a viewer, I’m GLAD a choice has finally been made. However, just when you think Bill Spencer has taken a break from his mayhem, someone finds a way to get underneath his skin. I thought Ridge was Bill’s biggest foe, but that ain’t so. Why? It seems Thorne has taken over that role as he has gotten closer to Katie. It is no secret Bill is not expected to receive the father of the year award anytime soon, but we might see a side of Bill Spencer we’ve never seen.

He’s done horrid things to Wyatt and Liam, but let’s remember those two are both adults, whereas Will is still a child. I’m not certain why Thorne feels the need to immerse himself into Katie and Bill’s private matter. Katie made no qualms about letting Bill know he has been an absent father in recent months, we all know why so no need to rehash that. However, Bill’s latest decision to skip out on his visit with Will might be the dagger he never saw coming. Why? Thorne has placed a little bug in Katie’s ear about seeking sole custody of Will from her ex.

Not sure what Thorne’s angle is here, but when Bill found out, he was none too pleased to say the least. Bill is a master manipulator and he has very powerful people in his pocket. Katie knows that, Thorne I’m not so certain. A war is brewing and I can imagine some skeletons from Thorne’s time in Paris is about to surface courtesy of Bill Spencer, as well as Katie. I totally forgot she suffered postpartum depression and her bout with alcoholism. Heck, the dirt on these two might force the judge to decided neither are fit to parent Will and that would be an absolute disaster.

Katie seems very hesitant because she knows her past will come to light, but guess what, Bill is hesitant because he knows his recent behavior with Wyatt and Liam will come to let. Liam won’t hold back about his father in the courtroom, Wyatt is another story people. Hmm, we might even see a past acquaintance of Thorne’s head to Los Angeles to paint a dirty picture of him because of this impending legal mess. More interesting would be to see Katie and Bill attempt to give their love a third go around. Is it plausible not really, but in the soap world anything is possible so never say never?

I didn’t think much of this sole custody storyline, but with everything else so happy go lucky, this seems to be the only thing the writers have in place at the moment and it continues to shed light on Don Diamont as an actor where he NEEDS to be major consideration next year in the Lead Actor at the Daytime Emmys.

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