HOLLYWOOD—As much as you’d like to believe redemption is possible for some of your favorite characters in the soap world, sometimes hope is impossible. Just take a look at Bill Spencer on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” I seriously thought that bullet in Bill’s back would give him a bit of perception, but if anything it only made him worse. After the revelation that Taylor was culpable in Bill’s shooting not Liam, the titan has gone back to work to pull strings to get what he wants: Steffy.

I already expected Bill to utilize Taylor and Steffy in his plan to get his son’s wife back in his orbit. However, I never expected Wyatt once again to fall for it. I’m going to go on a bit of a tangent here because Wyatt sometimes acts like a complete idiot. I mean he is so desperate to stay on his father’s good side he’d do anything to show his loyalty. Earth to Wyatt, the moment you heard Steffy speaking to Bill about a ‘secret’ you should have asked what secret? Instead you immediately believe what your father says about Steffy wanting to be with him over Liam. Come on really? You know the bond between Steffy and Liam, and even though she signed the annulment papers that means NOTHING!

Liam is indeed in a catch-22; he is growing closer to Hope and the two have already shared a kiss. They are spending tons of time together and they are indeed working together. Steffy is beyond annoyed with her nemesis turned friend turned foe. So is Ridge who knows that Hope’s return has complicated everything. If only Bill and Steffy never slept together, this wouldn’t even be a conversation. Ridge has done his best to talk some sense into Liam, and it’s already causing fractures in his relationship with Brooke. They’re both parents so Ridge wants what is best for his daughter, and Brooke wants what is best for Hope. Enter Taylor. Yes, catfights galore as Taylor and Brooke, who have sparred for years over Ridge, are back at it again this time over their daughters. Liam decided to make a choice based on the conversation he had about Wyatt and severed things with Steffy further punishing her. Liam, you are aware that this woman is pregnant and stress is NOT good for the baby.

I cannot wait until Ridge learns that Taylor shot Bill. Why? The fireworks that come will reignite his feud with Bill and things could really turn dirty. Why? I suspect Bill will blackmail Steffy to marry him or risk her mother going to prison. We already know Bill will go to extreme lengths to get what he wants, but I sense this potential move might be the one that leads to a game-changer for the head of Spencer Publications. Ridge didn’t shoot Bill, but he might have something far worse in store for his enemy, perhaps kidnapping is at the top of the list.

I’m seriously hoping with May sweeps in effect, we do not see what we saw years ago with the ever-going love triangle between Steffy, Liam and Hope drag out for years. I mean we haven’t seen Eric or Quinn in a while and what about Sheila Carter. Where the hell is she and what has she been up to? Same applies with Thorne. There are tons of characters on the soap; it’s time to flesh out some more stories. I fear we could be looking at cast cuts with recent news that Jacob Young aka Rick Forrester has been taken off contract. Does that mean we’ll say goodbye to Maya and Carter as well?

I love that the villainy of Bill Spencer is front and center, but it can’t be the tale of the hour the entire month, let’s see some other drama ignite in Los Angeles. There is far too much madness stirring that needs to spill over on “The Bold and the Beautiful.”