HOLLYWOOD—It’s here, May sweeps is underway and it looks like “General Hospital” has a few imperative storylines that are about to explode in a major way. Well, let’s talk about it because it’s the tale that matters. The walls are closing in on Peter August aka Henrik Faison. Peter has been good covering his tracks, but it looks like the truth is about to explode in a major way. For starters, Robert now knows that Henrik is Anna’s son, and it explains perfectly why she is so desperate to find the kid before Jason Morgan does.

Speaking of Jason Morgan, he and Sam are getting close, and the fact that he discovered that picture of Anna in that security box at the bank speaks wonders. I’m stunned no one has connected the dots, especially since so many (Lulu, Jason, Sam, and Spinelli) all know that Henrik’s book is a dead ringer he is searching for his mother. However, the twist that even I didn’t see coming was that high-tech box that had the Cassadine crest engraved on it. Hmm, just how the hell does this tie into everything? I was absolutely floored when Anna revealed that she was Henrik’s mother! He seemed to be shocked by the revelation and thought it was a ploy, but here’s a hint: Jason, Anna really is Henrik’s mother.

If there is anyone who can get to the truth its Robert Scorpio who rattled Valentin to the core that he began to stutter. Yes, it was an impressive feat to say the least, and things are not going well for Valentin. Nina has Curtis digging dirt on Peter, and the fact that Curtis has revealed to Sam that Peter is hiding something only elevates the stakes. Everything is colliding and Peter will have a lot of explaining to do and if he already thought he had enemies, oh, it’s going to get worse, especially when Maxie and Nina learn they have been duped by the guy who was responsible for his own brother’s demise. Things only get worse for Peter because Curtis snooped in his office and discovered a file on Nathan West, which peaked his interest as well as Nina, just as Peter made it very clear that he is indeed his father’s son. I’m excited about this, because seeing Peter exude his dark side will be fun to witness on the small screen.

I am ecstatic to see that Vanessa Antoine is getting a juicy storyline involving a health crisis; this woman has been a major player on “GH” for quite some time so it’s nice to see her really getting a story where the character can sink her teeth into the acting realm even bigger than she already has. Curtis has professed his love to Jordan, who with a proposal standing in front of her, is unable to give him the answer he wants. I always thought Jordan and Andre were destined to be together, but with his recent legal matters involving Drew and Jason that caused some major problems to say the least.

It wouldn’t be May sweeps without a little courtroom battle. I mean it seems to be a staple every year on the soap, this time the battle reignites between Ava Jerome and Sonny Corinthos. Mike disappearing with Avery has given our villainess the ammunition she needs to knock Sonny down a peg or two. Ava is hell-bent on gaining full custody of her daughter, even if it costs her Griffin in the process. Yes, the priest sees that Ava is punishing Mike not Sonny, and he’s not happy about it.

However, Ava can justify being tortured all she wants, but Avery is still in her orbit, the same cannot be said for Morgan who she is directly culpable in his demise. If Sonny and Carly really want to torture Ava they would remind her of that with every possible chance they can. Sam and Drew own a media conglomerate; why not publish an expose to force Ava to feel a bit of heat. I mean she can deny all she wants, but we all know she is the culprit and guilt can eat the soul away.

The battle is underway, and with Diane and Scott sparing I have a strong feeling that Ava will get her wish, but it will come at a major cost: her relationship. Sonny agreed to joint custody to give Ava what she wants while  still keeping his father out of the legal arena. Even worse it seems that Nelle, while still determined to make Carly suffer is realizing she might have to have a backup plan to ensure she isn’t framed for her antics. Ava, Nelle has plenty of info on you and your blind spot is going to cost you bigtime. I know I should be talking about the drama involving Franco, but it’s lackluster right now America, I’m sorry. Things are though heating up between Finn and Alexis who have jumped into the shack yet again, and with both Anna and Julian knowing their respective others have moved on, it places them in a pickle.

Look “GH” writers stop playing with this notion that Alexis and Julian and Finn and Anna will not get back together. It’s as clear as night and day, and considering Kim and Drew looks to be getting closer all is well in the love arena. While the Henrik drama is interesting, I’m more invested in seeing the drama unfold involving Valentin and the Cassadine’s role in all the madness. We all know the Nurses Ball will likely be the catalyst for all this mayhem, as it has been in the past. I sense a major twist is coming for the viewers that are going to blow our socks off and I cannot wait to see “General Hospital” explain it all.