HELLO AMERICA!—For years I’ve viewed the Billboard Music Awards show and found them usually tolerable, but this current outing was off balance and shaky a bit.  The opening was a typical Las Vegas extravaganza with all the luster, color, attached to star Britney Spears.

Who, for the kind of talent she has, did a great job and proved again why she is perfect for this gambling nightmare of a town.  Her young hungry, overwhelmed fans loved every song and every feather she managed to display.  For the kind of show Britney brings to any stage or club is perfect and that’s why she’s a winner.

Even though Madonna received negative criticisms on her Prince tribute, the iconic performer did a fine job in her own style.  Those who are criticizing her still are hearing Prince’s voice and his kind of artistic subtlety and a tribute is NOT about that.  Madonna performed two of his songs quite admirably in her own way and style.  In the same way Stevie Wonder did and the “Purple Rain” song was even more powerful.  Just because a star or singer has made something successful doesn’t especially mean that someone else can’t come along and give it something else it needed creative. Of course, this is rather difficult for some people to believe or accept.

The most moving moment of the evening was the spectacular, glamorous appearance of Celine Dion.  The lady’s first major appearance since the death of her husband Rene Angelie was something to remember.  She looked and was dressed like a star, one who genuinely deserved applause on her entrance and BOY did she receive one!

Her song “The Show Must Go On” was emotional, fighting and resounding with the notion that yes when you lose something of value, you’ve got to hold your head up high and GO ON! Her young son surprised her and presented his mom the Lifetime Achievement Award she definitely earned.  It was extremely moving.

Of course, our Adele received two awards, but was off on her European tour making them happy.  When it comes to Adele, whatever award she receives every year seems quite normal.  No matter what or how she sings a song she effects the hearts of the world, in the same way Barbra Streisand did during the early days of her career.  We all have been quite fortunate to witness such rich talents such as these two ladies during our life time.

There has to be tremendous applause for Pink, this lady is a “class” act and stands tall with the best of them.  She lets the WORLD know that she is on that stage and gives the kind of performance we love and expect here in Tinsel town! Performances like hers made the evening viewing an awards show like the Billboard Awards tolerable. at the