UNITED STATES—Jeez, I was just reflecting on my childhood a few days ago and I realized that I was a gamer at the core. I didn’t play videogames all the time, but when I did, I could play them for hours nonstop. Why? I think it has a major thing to do with my personality. I do NOT like things unfinished. I have to have things properly finished, if not that lingering annoys me to the core.

The one thing I discovered about myself that I had never realized is the fact that when I played videogames I had an intuition on what to do even though I didn’t necessarily know what it is that I was supposed to do. You might say what does that mean? Well when it comes to role playing videogames you don’t always have a map or navigation system telling you where to go. I could play a game like “The Legend of Zelda,” “Rygar,” “Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest,” “Super Mario World,” “Secret of Mana,” “Secret of Evermore,” “Metroid,” “Super Metroid” and so many other classics and just know exactly where I needed to go, even though I had NO IDEA of where I should be going people. Yeah, it sounds absolutely crazy, but it was indeed the fact.

I would just pick up that remote controller and just go with instinct. Maybe I should enter this door, maybe I should travel to this world, maybe I should purchase this item, maybe I should talk to this person. I cannot explain it, but except make it known to people that it was a gift. A gift I didn’t know I had, but one that I was so grateful to have America and it pleased me to the core. Looking at present day, I very rarely get a moment to play videogames. Hell, I had thought about establishing a Twitch page, where people actually make money to play videogames.

You’re good at it; why not consider it as another form of revenue. I love that notion and it doesn’t hurt that if your brain has had a stagnant moment where you do not know where to go and you need a refresher you have the internet that you can turn to people. I mean back in the 80s and 90s the internet did not exists people when it came to gaming. If you were stuck you had to ask a friend to assist or help you. So imagine being forced to just figure it out and that is something I think people fail to realize about gaming.

It forces your brain to think. You might be sitting for a period of time which is NOT always a good thing, but the brain being forced to be analytical, to problem solve are all skills that help you in real life. I saw something trending on Twitter in relation to videogames and how there were certain games that were just too difficult for many of us to complete. Yeah, it brings a level of nostalgia, frustration, good memories and bad memories and a host of other things at the same time.

I know there are so many parents out there saying, “No way, I don’t want my kids playing games all day.” Yeah, that is true, they need to get out doors and be active, but don’t diminish a skill that some people might have. A few decades ago you couldn’t make money playing videogames, in today’s world you actually can. And I don’t think a parent would complain if their child was bringing in the bucks people.

Written By Davy Jones