HOLLYWOOD—I will be honest this plan by Billy Abbott to make everyone think he has taken a downward spiral on “The Young and the Restless” is damn genius and risky as hell, but as a viewer I so want to see how this plays out people. Billy really has people thinking he has hit rock bottom in particular Adam Newman. So Adam and Victor think they have pulled one over after forcing Billy out of Chance Comm with the hopes of reacquiring the company for Newman Enterprises.

What is the problem? Victoria Newman and Ashland Locke also want their hands on that company. Victoria is worried about Billy, Nikki is worried, Jack is worried, Lily is worried, but not really because she knows Billy is pulling a ruse. Him sitting at the bar giving people the impression he’s drinking is hilarious. He is drinking people, but he’s drinking apple juice. It doesn’t help that Adam is planning to utilize Sally as a spy to gather Intel on Billy. Billy suspects it and is well aware thanks to a conversation Lily overhead so he has his blinders open people. Speaking of Sally, she finally came face-to-face with Chelsea who made her return to Genoa City this week. It looks like a love triangle is brewing between Chelsea, Adam and Sally.

If I have to be honest, I’m rooting for Sally and Adam, they have better chemistry and I’m over the back and forth with Chelsea and Adam. Those two are NOT destined to be together. If we’re being honest, Adam and Sharon belong together and Sharon doesn’t have much of anything going on at the moment right now. I would love for the writers to push that narrative again, they have teased it, but nothing has fully come of it. The same is happening with the Jack and Phyllis romance.

C’mon everyone who watches “Y&R” knows these two belong together and we want to see them together. This dance that is taken place between the two is so frustrating; not to add the fact that it’s hinted that Nick and Phyllis might hook-up again. No, no, no. We don’t want to see Nick and Phyllis, we want Jack and Phyllis. Noah seemed to be oddly fascinated with Tessa and Mariah’s romance, which seems to point to him having an interest in Tessa. If memory serves me right, Tessa was with Noah first, then Mariah pulled her away and it would be only fitting if Noah was thrown in to create a bit of chaos people.

I’m certain I’ve covered just about all taking place in Genoa City, except for Chance and Abby returning to town having a big celebration, but its apparent that Chance is suffering from PTSD. Where this tale is headed, I don’t know just yet, but the audience will just have to wait and see how this plays out in the coming weeks. As for Billy he has everyone concerned and the icing on the cake seems to highlight that he is taking the same tactic Adam, Victor and Ashland used to take Chance Comm from him. I mean hiring your own spy to send videos and conversations to Adam to get him to spiral. That is just genius America right?!