HOLLYWOOD—We knew the writers on “The Young and the Restless” would have to weave some narrative to usher out the old Billy (Burgess Jenkins) to make room for the new face of the Abbott clan, Jason Thompson. Yes, it’s been a massive soap swap between “General Hospital” and “The Young and the Restless” the past few years. Steve Burton left “GH” for “Y&R,” Billy Miller and Michelle Stafford left “Y&R” for “GH.”

I will say the twist of having Billy beaten to a pulp by a bunch of bookies was a clever tactic. Throw in the surprise that everyone in Genoa City suspects that Billy was run over by a car in a parking garage and Noah might be the guilty party is quite dark. I mean this is a character that one feels for; his daughter was killed by Adam Newman who got a slap on the wrist and is walking around town as if he hadn’t done anything wrong.

I hate to say it, but this is indeed retribution, Billy may not have gotten the opportunity to make Victor and Adam pay for Delia’s death, but it sure looks like Noah Newman might be forced to do so. Robert Adamson has been underused on the soap for quite some time, so to see the actor become a part of a narrative that allows him to shine is a welcome change. I mean the Marisa, Luca and Noah storyline is slightly silly to say the least cause we still have no idea what deal is with this Luca character to begin with.

Billy’s prognosis happens to take place during a celebratory time as Stitch aka Ben and Abby tied the knot. Hmm, something tells me this marriage will not last long. I mean Ben clearly has the hots for Ashley and the mother of the bride is doing all in her power to restrain her feelings to ensure her daughter’s happiness. To make matters worse, Ashely is suffering from a game-changing medical crisis, she has tumor in her brain.

She has weaved a clever tale to divert her family from digging into her condition. However, there is someone who is aware of Ashley’s true condition: Dr. Neville. Yep, this is the same guy who came to the aide of Hilary during her health crisis, but why does something tell me this guy is far more dangerous than anyone suspects.

And what the hell was with that kiss between Neil and Nikki! I wonder what Victor will have to say when he learns who his wife kissed to usher in the New Year. Sharon and Dylan’s happily ever-after will soon be threatened as it appears their ‘son’ will suffer a health crisis. It doesn’t hurt that Mariah has already spotted that something is off with Dr. Anderson’s sudden involvement in her mother Sharon’s life. I fear that Mariah will discover Dr. Anderson’s secret which will have a devastating impact on Mariah, Kevin, Sharon, Dylan, Nick and Sage. My gut is telling me this woman is a face from Nick’s past that he thought he’d never see again. The writers have teased that a possible hook-up between Nick and Dr. Anderson could occur, as Sage continues to battle with the loss of her son.

That can’t be good news for Chelsea and Adam, as it looks like Sage is a bit closer to Adam than Chelsea ever imagined. Speaking of Adam, give him a slap on the hand and he quickly retorts back to his old evil ways. He is now conspiring with Luca to take down Victor Newman. When will Adam learn; the only person that can take down Victor, is Victor! Just when Adam thinks he has gained the upper hand, Victor delivers a blow that can be nearly fatal. Victor may have bitten off a more than he can chew with the Santori clan.

While it seems not much death happened in Genoa City in 2015, I have a startling feeling that 2016 could be a different note, especially for those main characters on the chaos. “The Young and the Restless” airs daily on CBS.