UNITED STATES—By now, I’m certain many of you have heard or witnessed that video of that kangaroo that appeared on a comedy stage in Detroit last weekend with comic Mike Epps in the forefront. The video is quite disturbing to say the least and the media backlash and the public outcry has been quite massive.

I will admit, I am quite stunned by the news, because the gentlemen who is the guardian of the kangaroo has appeared several times on a local news station in Detroit, where he has showcased exotic animals and talked about their importance in the environment. So for him to indulge in such a careless act is concerning. It first began with reports of people in Detroit witnessing a kangaroo roaming the streets and now we have this. My first thought is, how the hell was it even allowed for a kangaroo to emerge on a comedy stage. Like this is not a cat or a dog people, this is a wild animal, an animal that is not native to our country and that can be rattled very easily I would suspect.

I mean what the hell Mike Epps, you’re dancing on stage with a  kangaroo, you have a crowd of people yelling and there are lights and all this chaos transpiring in the front of this animal that is not used to seeing such things. Did the animal’s captor and the comedian and the people behind the scenes think about what would have transpired if things did not go well? I mean this kangaroo could have gone on a rampage kicking, jumping and causing all types of melee. People could have seriously gotten hurt and it was a bad, bad call people. I will admit I was LIVID with Mike Epps for entertaining this idea, but seeing him appear on TMZ live and offering a sincerely genuine apology was vital.

Not only did the comedian acknowledge what he did was wrong, it was a bad adjustment call and he was fully aware after watching that video that has made the waves on social media and across plenty of news stations the animal appeared to be in distress and he had no ill intent. That takes a lots of guts for a celebrity to own their stuff and acknowledge they were wrong. It’s rare to see that and most of the time when that does transpire you run into a situation where the celebrity entertains the idea at the request of a publicist, or the idea that the public outcry is so bad it can destroy their career.

Now that Epps has publicly admitted his wrongdoing and apologized, it’s time for the kangaroo’s captor to explain what the hell he was doing and what the hell he was thinking. It was simply unforgivable in my opinion. There is a reason some animals cannot be everyday pets; they are unpredictable people. You don’t bring a kangaroo on stage with all sorts of lights, yelling from the crowd and dance with the animal and suspect all will be good.

The animal didn’t appear to be having fun, and it shows a lack of compassion and respect for the animal people. While our four-legged and two-legged friends may not have the ability to speak they still deserve respect people. I wonder would people find it acceptable to bring a tiger on stage with blasting light, people yelling and dance with the animal. Hmm, I think not, so why in the world would one think it’s acceptable to do so with a kangaroo?