HOLLYWOOD—Well, happily ever-after never lasts forever on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless.” For weeks, Chloe has been having vivid dreams about her involvement in the cabin explosion that apparently killed Adam Newman. For those not in the know, Adam was responsible for the hit-and-run that killed her daughter Delia.

Yeah, while everyone is doing their best to give Adam a reprieve, at the end of the day, he killed a child, as a parent I seriously doubt that is something I could ever forgive, accident or not he still was culpable in the death of a child. So in my personal opinion, Adam got what was coming to him. However, for the oddest reason, the writers that be on “Y&R” have crafted a tale drudging up Adam News yet again, with no actual payoff if you ask me.

Nick Newman, the righteous one has for the oddest reason become obsessed with solving the mystery surrounding his brother’s demise. It all kicked off with that tracking device found in one of Connor’s stuffed animals. Since then he brought his theory of Chloe’s involvement in Adam’s death to the forefront with Chelsea, who is having troubling grasping her best friend would do such a thing to her. Yes, Chelsea and Nick belong together; these are two characters that have such high levels of morals that they throw stones at anyone who does not live up to their expectations. I mean Nick has done some dastardly things in his past, and Chelsea, God forbid this woman came to Genoa City with con on the brain. Making matters worse, she lied to Dylan about being the father of Connor.

I know this sounds bad to say, but I think both Nick and Chelsea are seeing what goes around comes around. Chelsea might finally learn what transpired to her dear Adam who absolutely deserved all that came to him. However, this woman who has moved on from Adam with Nick might see her world crash at this ultimate betrayal from her BFF.

Making matters worse is the fact that Kevin, who is in crazy love with Chloe, has no idea what she has been doing the past 6 months behind his back. There is still that little secret about Bella’s paternity, which I suspect is neither Billy nor Kevin, but a third party that might be a well-known resident of GC. With the wedding date being pushed up, it was apparent to viewers that Chloe’s happily ever-after was coming to an end, thanks to Nick’s bachelorette party surprise. Chloe fell into his trap, which later blew up in her face and Chelsea confronted her pal with a shocking outcome.

All is not lost “Y&R” fans because I suspect that the long-awaited truth (PLEASE STOP DRAGGING THIS BOMBSHELL) will blow up on Nick, Victor and Chelsea. Chloe’s deed may become public knowledge, but Christian’s paternity will be unveiled with some life-shattering results as Nick will learn his new love and his own father kept an epic truth from him that not only impact Sharon’s life, but Dylan’s as well. Sometimes when you go digging for the truth, you uncover things you never expected!