SAN FRANCISCO—The BART Board of Directors voted and unanimously approved Bob Powers to become the new general manager of the company. The Board of Directors voted on Thursday, July 25 after Grace Crunican retired at the beginning of the month. Powers was previously approved as the acting interim general manager. 

Powers has been with BART for over 20 years, serving as both Deputy General Manager and Assistant General Manager of Planning, Development and Construction. As the new general manager, Powers will oversee the $2.4 billion budget and 3,600 employees who help serve the 407,000 riders on the BART in four different counties. 

“The Board selected Bob because of his track record of accountability and working through challenges in a creative and collaborative way,” said Board of Directors President Bevan Dufty.

With his new position, Powers plans to go on a “listening tour,” where he will listen to both BART riders and workers to learn what they think needs to be fixed. He will also be riding trains, be on platforms, inside the stations, at train yards, and working with the BART social media team to see what people are saying about their experiences online.