HOLLYWOOD—Audiences learned at the beginning of the month that Theresa Donovan would return to the “Days of Our Lives’” canvas after being held captive in Mexico alongside Chloe thanks to Mateo. This week, the vixen made her return to Salem just in time for Eve and Brady to celebrate their good news: they’re engaged again! I pegged this a few weeks ago, but how fun was it to actually witness the look on Brady’s face when he saw Theresa Donovan waiting for him when he returned home. Victor who was well aware about Theresa’s whereabouts was somewhat happy to see her, but no so much when it came to Xander.

To say that he was blindsided would be an understatement, but imagine the look on Eve’s face when she learned her sister had returned to her life to claim what was taken from her. Eve was speechless; I mean she just got over Brady betraying her and was certain this was a new chapter in her life, but it looks like the happily ever-after will only transpire if Theresa is out of the picture and I don’t see that happening anytime soon America. Brady wanted the entire sordid truth to be unveiled which Theresa gladly obliged; however, he was not happy to learn that his grandfather knew all along what was up with Theresa.

Xander made himself back at home in Salem ruffling the feathers of Eve, Jennifer and Eric who was none too pleased to see his enemy in the flesh. There is some good news when it comes to love Salem lovebirds because John and Marlena are about to take a walk down the aisle yet again. Why does this wedding seem to have disaster written all over it? Something tells me this would be the prime opportunity for “Days” writers to bring Kristen DiMera back into the foray? When she was teased back in November it was certain she was planning on vengeance and I know Marlena is at the top of her list.

Tripp and Ciara are getting closer, just as I predicted. Honestly, I need to write my own soap, the fact that I’m able to see these storyline from a mile away is a clear sign that I can dabble in a bit of creativity. Tripp has a troubled past, but so does Ciara who is still recovering from the trauma of being raped by Chase a few years ago, so it seems things will tread lightly as the couple decides the next step in their relationship. As one couple flourishes, another crashes and burns as Sonny finally learned that Leo has been playing him all along. It sucks because it seems Sonny is a sucker for love, and he has had his heart broken so many times I’m surprised he hasn’t turned to the bottle like Brady.

However, I still don’t understand Kate’s role in playing secret messenger with Leo now that Vivian is long gone. Kate does know Victor is very protective of his family. Why in the world would she want to make an enemy out of this guy? I mean Stefan has already vowed to kill her if he learns that she purposely killed his mother. And I have to admit Stefan raised a little bit of hell when he first arrived in Salem, but I feel like now he is about to unleash utter hell on the residents of Salem in a manner worse than his father ever did.

The Abigail-Stefan-Chad drama is reaching feverish heights, as it looks like Stefan has indeed hit rock bottom. Not only did he lose the woman he loves, but he also lost his mother. So to say that darkness has truly consumed his heart and psyche would be an understatement. He was in absolute glee torturing Chad over the fact that he and Abigail had sex. Abigail unfortunately found herself facing the music with Gabi over her role in her being jailed for a crime she did not commit.

Good news, “DOOL” fans, Gabi was finally released from prison this week, but the other surprise is that Kate DiMera may finally face the music for her past misdeeds. This woman has gotten away with a lot, so a little haunting from her enemies isn’t a bad thing if you ask me.