“Breaking Bad” Recap: ‘Granite State’

Jesse Pinkman

HOLLYWOOD—It was the penultimate episode of the series “Breaking Bad.” After last week’s best episode of television that I have ever watched, I thought to myself, “There is no way the writers can capture that magic again can they?”  Well, was I ever wrong! Episode 15, “GraniteState” delved into the aftermath of the craziness that recently transpired.

The episode opened with Saul dropping off several pieces of luggage to a vacuum store where Saul had a picture taken to plan his new life inNebraska.  Saul was a bit surprised to discover his bunk mate would be none other than Walter White (Bryan Cranston). Marie (Betsy Brandt) was in a state of unspeakable sadness as she grappled with the loss of Hank (Dean Norris).  It appears Todd (Jesse Plemmons) and his uncle Jack trashed Hank’s home to obtain Jesse’s (Aaron Paul) confession tape, which revealed the death of Drew Sharp to the authorities. The tape did not make Uncle Jack too happy, as Todd did his best to keep Jesse alive.  He realized thatLydiawas pulling Todd’s strings.

Jesse got his hands on a paper clip which he used to free himself from captivity.  Uh-oh, looks like the bloodshed is about to begin. Walt begged Saul to help him locate Jack and his men, just as Saul attempted to talk some sense into his client. Saul pleaded with Walt to let him be an ordinary man, even though he did his best to coy out, Walt made it clear it wasn’t over until he said it was over.

Skyler (Anna Gunn) was in a complete daze as the authorities attempted to threaten her about her husband’s location, which was a no go.  Authorities were staked outside the White home, hoping some sort of activity would take place, but discovered nothing was going to happen.  In a shocking moment, Todd and his crew infiltrated the house.  I literally gasped during this moment!

Todd appears to be smitten with Lydia for reasons I cannot understand.  I’m hoping that over-zealous, money-hungry mafia fiend gets what’s coming to her; I’m sure it will indeed happen.  Skyler has already dealt with quite a bit of chaos.  This may have been Todd’s fatal move; Walter will not be pleased when he discovers what has transpired. Funny, it wasLydiawho initiated Todd to make the threat. It was made clear during their secret meeting. She wanted to take a break from the meth business, but changed her mind when she discovered that the ‘blue meth’ was back in business.  The relationship between those two is odd; she’s like his mother, yet he has these yearnings for her.

Walt got cozy to his new residence in the middle of nowhere, but I continue to ask myself  “Just how long will it be before Walt decides to go running?” After much work Jesse was able to remove his cuffs, unfortunately, Todd had no idea of the impending danger he is placing himself in.  When you play with the devil you are bound to get burnt. A powerless Jesse, found the courage to escape the cage and went on the run, but got caught.

Todd stopped by Andrea’s house and shot her dead in front of a captive Jesse! This is crazy. Jesse has literally lost every single person close to him. How much tragedy can one person take before enough is enough? Todd is indeed a wicked character; is it wrong that I’m rooting for him to meet his demise at the fate of the one guy who he admires the most: Mr. White?

Walt was pleased to get an update from the man who helped him disappear.  It appears quite a bit of time has spanned because Walt has grown hair and his house is up for auction. Walt has become a lonely guy; paying people to spend more time with him is quite desperate to say the least. Walt Jr. received a call from his father who tried to get his son to understand the reasons for all the bad that he has committed. He informed his son that he was sending a package to his friend, for his mother and him to care for their expenses. His son released some built up anger at his father wishing his death. Could this be a clue as to what will transpire in the final episode? Fingers crossed; Walt has done some horrible things, but our anti-hero can’t die can he?

Officials traced the phone call Walt made to the bar, but he was already long gone by the time they arrived.  The episode definitely set the ground work for the finale next week.  Not much blood was spilled this week, but I’m certain during the final episode several major characters will die, some who absolutely deserve it.  I’ll be honest, I can’t wait for next week’s finale, but at the same time, I saddened to see a show with so much intensity and great writing bid farewell.  Until next week “Breaking Bad” enthusiasts!  How do you think it will all end?

By LaDale Anderson