SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Board of Supervisors Budget and Finance Committee halted a BART project to put canopies over BART station escalators on Wednesday, July 17.

The Budget and Finance Committee paused the project due to the high cost and requested additional information on project expenses. Mark Dana, the BART project manager who is in charge of the project indicated that market forces are the reason for the costs. 

The project would cost $91.3 million and provide entrance canopies for the Market Street station escalators along with gates that lock. This coincides with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency plans to install and fix 41 escalators at stations along Market Street. 

Two of the canopies for the project, which are included in the cost, have already been installed. The two stations are located at Civic Center and Powell Street.

About $45 million of the costs will be covered by the SFMTA transportation infrastructure bond that was approved in 2014. The Budget and Finance Committee will vote again on the project on Wednesday, July 24.