SAN FRANCISCO—The California Water Service recommends residents of the San Francisco and Bay Area reduce water use by 10 percent. Residents are encouraged to turn off fountains and not use car washes.

Director of corporate communications at California Water Service, Yvonne Kingman, said it is important to know what water suppliers are doing during this time.

“We have had two dry years in a row now,” said Kingman. “We make sure we are prepared for change and make sure our customers have water.”

Kingman said California Water Service provides a Smart Landscape Tune-Up Program for customers, mostly for those with low-income. The program offers irrigation evaluations, and irrigation repairs at no charge. She noted the California Water Service also evaluates and repairs their infrastructure often to prevent water loss and extend its life.

Kingman said residents can conserve water at home by turning off the tap when it is not in use, limiting showers and turning off irrigation when it is not needed.

“Together, we can make it through these hard times,” said Kingman.

If residents of the Bay Area and San Francisco are interested in learning more about California Water Service’s Smart Landscape Tune-Up program and other resources, visit