UNITED STATES—I know I am not the only person who is just absolutely annoyed to the core with politicians nowadays. I don’t care if you’re a Republican, Democrat or Independent, but it has become absolutely apparent the game of politics being played now. It seems no one and I mean no one wants to just stand up and get things done.

Nothing annoys me more when politicians, rather you’re a mayor, governor, representative or a senator, go on these national news and media outlets touting an agenda or pointing the finger at someone else or another party instead of attempting to find some sort of unification to get things done that need to be taken care of in this country.

Immigration at the border is at its absolute worst, the economy is terrible. The price of goods is at an absolute high. I mean I went to a fast-food restaurant recently and spend close to $20, on two meals. Twenty dollars people, that is absolutely ridiculous because 5 maybe 10 years ago, it might be $10 for 2 meals. The price has nearly double and it seems things are just on the rise.  Gasoline prices are starting to make me thing we are back to 2008 all over again where gas was near $5 a gallon in the midst of the worst housing crisis ever.

In addition, companies cannot find employers for positions that need to be filled. Now people argue the extra $600 a week nearly a year ago and the extra $300 a week that recently ended in September might be the result and for some it may have been. However, people should consider perhaps people just found work in industries that actually value their worth. If you’ve never worked in retail you don’t understand the stress and chaos that such jobs entail. For starters they absolutely don’t pay enough and now because so many people have decided to vacate the service and food industry to start their own companies, go back to school or find work in other industries everyone is pointing fingers.

Stop pointing the damn fingers and try to find solutions. This is what I hate about politicians they’re all talk, no one ever does what they say or promise to do. Get things done so the country can move in the right direction. For people to work, pay their bills, all Americans regardless of wealth are paying a decent share of taxes they owe, housing is affordable, food is not scarce, transportation is available on all fronts and just life feels easier, less stressful, and less tense.

I’m so sick of hearing about the economy going over its spending limit, the government possibly shutting down and a host of other things that used to transpire, once every so often, but now it seems like it is the norm. Each year these things happen and we should just expect it and act as if nothing ever happened beforehand. I so damn tired of it, please get your acts in order and pass legislation and do things you were voted into office by the PEOPLE to do.

Stop worrying about making your pockets fat and pushing your own agendas. Hell I was so stunned to discover last week after that Facebook outage how many politicians (both Democrats and Republicans) who received political contributions via Facebook for their campaigns. You know what that means; they’re going to have a stake in what happens with Facebook because their pockets are being lined in the process. Money seems to talk the most with politicians and it’s worrisome because it makes something so crystal clear that you hope to not be true: money dictates lots of things, especially in the political arena.

Written By Jason Jones