Casting Call For ‘The Riddler’



The Riddler

HOLLYWOOD—InHollywood, rumors are rampant about the possibility of ‘The Riddler’ appearing in the next “Man of Steel” sequel.  I will admit this is interesting news to say the least.  I thought for certain that Christopher Nolan would cast the fiendish villain in the third installment of his legacy, but instead went for unknown villain Bane.  Buzz is swirling that two mega musicians are eyeing the possible role.  Rapper Eminem and singer turned actor Justin Timberlake; very interesting casting news to say the least.

Eminem does not have much acting experience on the big screen.  His feature film debut in the drama “8 Mile” earned the actor rave reviews and it was a dynamite performance for a first time actor.  He’s been known to portray over-the-top characters in many of his music videos, but the last thing we want to see is another ‘Riddler’ like the one depicted by Jim Carrey in “Batman Forever.”

When I think of ‘The Riddler’ I think of a character that is sane, but not really.  He’s a menace and it really would take the right actor to pull off that magnitude for such a layered character.  Then we have Justin Timberlake.  It’s no argument, Timberlake’s resume for feature films is quite impressive, but in my opinion he’s yet to capture a role that shows his acting chops.  He has a tendency to portray supporting characters more than anything; nothing has come to the actor that allows him to outshine the leads in his pictures.  The American public is well aware of the musician’s comedic chops, but ‘The Riddler’ is more than a one-note character, which would be a challenge for the actor.  I can honestly see Timberlake in the role, but whether he can pull it off is another question.

On a personal note, the actor that should be considered for that role is none other than Johnny Depp.  Why Depp you ask?  He is one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood.  His acting resume reads like a legend.  He’s portrayed an array of eccentric actors, and next to Leonardo DiCaprio these are two actors who could almost portray any character given to them.  I can see DiCaprio as ‘The Riddler,’ rather the audience would buy it is another question.

Without a doubt, I can absolutely see Depp portraying the eccentric villain who has tormented Batman.  Wondering if he can portray kooky characters just look at “Edward Scissorhands,” “Ed Wood” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”  Depp really hasn’t portrayed a villainous role on the big screen, so to see the actor immerse himself in a character with such stature would be inviting to say the least. He has the body type, he has the look and in my opinion is the only actor that can pull off that combination of a loose canon, yet a villainous fiend at the same time.  Trust me its not an easy sell; either you’re too far to the left or too far to the right, finding the middle ground is not an easy task to say the least.

If indeed Zack Snyder and the powers that be consider implementing ‘The Riddler’ in the next installment, think very careful about casting.  The wrong actor could absolutely kill the character and the movie without a second glance. Timberlake and Eminem may be vying for the role, but Mr. Depp himself should be the top candidate.

By LaDale Anderson