HOLLYWOOD—The cast has been unveiled, the celebrities are in the house, and at long last viewers finally got the opportunity to see how things have unfolded since our contestants entered the “Big Brother” house. Yes, America season two of “Celebrity Big Brother” kicked off on Monday, January 21 giving audiences a glimpse of what level of gameplay is transpiring inside the house. The Chenbot is back and the reality TV guilty pleasure has returned.

We already discussed the cast last week, but watching he premiere episode, I would argue there are indeed some standouts. Tamar Braxton is hilarity; I mean watching this girl eat those grapes as Kato chatted about O.J. Simpson was comic gold. Not to mention her reaction to Julie delivering the first twist of the night. There were plenty to say the least America. I was on the fence about Tom Green, but the guy is giving some stellar diary room sessions. Kato who attempted to be funny, turned out to be annoying, while Natalie Eva Marie, Ricky Williams, Dina and Anthony seemed to have a quiet first night in my opinion. Ryan Lochte is certain to give us gifs for years to come. Guys he selected Jonathan as his partner in the HOH competition because he hosts “Cupcake Wars,” so he has to be smart right?

Joey Lawrence or Mr. Whoa, seems a bit above the BB game, and I’m worried his ego is going to begin to rub the other houseguests the wrong way. I mean he was already talking about needing his own private bathroom to do ‘bathroom things.’ Dude, this is BB you’re sharing a house with complete strangers. Did you think you’d have your own bathroom?

There seems to be three big fans in the house with Tamar, Jonathan and Eva Marie. Neither have disclosed that information to other HGs which is a good thing. Let’s talk about Jonathan, the guy is a burst of energy and it might be too much for everyone else. His reaction to all the other celebs being revealed was hilarity. I mean his reaction to Dina Lohan was priceless, but Anthony Scaramucci left Jonathan speechless. Let’s talk about frenemies because there is bad blood between Kandi and Tamar. The audience hasn’t gotten the fully story yet, but it looks like the ladies are cordial for now, but I see an outburst coming real soon people.

The first twist in the game would involve the celebs competing in the first HOH competition in pairs. Our pairs consisted of: Ryan & Jonathan; Tamar & Kandi; Joey & Ricky; Lolo & Tom and Dina & Anthony. That leaves Kato and Eva Marie out of the loop, but because they couldn’t compete for HOH, they were safe for the week and could not be evicted.

The competition was involved a swing, champagne and bubbles, where all the celebs struggled. In the end it was a battle between Ryan & Jonathan and Lolo and Tom. Lolo admitted she didn’t want to win, but her competitive edge took over people. Kandi proved she is no competitor to say the least, and the win went to Ryan & Jonathan. There was another twist being delivered in the game and it was a big one. Jonathan and Ryan would NOW compete for the title of HOH. The winner becomes HOH, while the loser becomes the first nominee of the week. To say Jonathan was caught off guard would be an understatement.

Not much alliance talk transpired during the first night, but night two of the reality series showed things were starting to form. Jonathan was already strategizing with Ryan to keep himself safe by creating a 7-person alliance including Ryan, Jonathan, Tamar, Kandi, Lolo, Eva Marie and Joey. I will admit that Jonathan is a character, but fun in the diary room; he makes entertaining TV. Tamar was still skeptical of Kandi, but invited her frenemy to the party to prevent herself from becoming a potential target.

Lolo has some good social currency because she connects to people, especially Natalie and Joey (everyone seems like workout pals). Unfortunately, Joey is against the notion of an alliance. Does Joey Lawrence even know what he signed up for? Looks like the cool kids versus everyone else. Lochte got his endless pool, but it was more disappointing than I expected.

Scaramucci is not as bad as I thought he might be. Jonathan you’re doing too much, an alliance within the alliance with Lolo, Natalie and Ryan. While Ryan and Jonathan are a pair, it seems Lolo and Natalie are strong, and now we have a four woman alliance with Tamar, Kandi, Natalie and Lolo. These celebrities are playing America!

Ryan and Jonathan competed to knock down their billboards, and Ryan proved to be a beast, while Jonathan struggled to make things happen. Ryan is our first HOH of the season and Jonathan is a nominee, and things become interesting people. So wait, we’re going to have 3 nominees for the first week. Please do not let this be a thing each week; that’s too much. Jonathan pump the brakes you’re doing too much already. With Dina being a target, it was apparent that everyone wanted to talk to Ryan.

Kandi was already picking up that Ryan might not be loyal so this huge alliance might fracture way sooner than I expected. Scaramucci was strategizing: it would be smart for Ryan to take out other athletic threats, but Ryan ain’t the brightest bulb to realize that. Kato, Tom and Anthony formed a trio to protect one another. Kandi feels like the odd ball out, and she is already thinking about jumping ship and planning to make moves to protect herself.

Jonathan was trying to protect himself by saving Dina for himself and putting up Tom and someone else instead. The scheming in episode two is epic; I can only imagine what will transpire the next couple of days. So Ryan nominated Anthony and Tom. So our three nominees are Tom, Jonathan and Anthony. So Jonathan’s persuasion of Dina worked, but I think the alliance was shocked to see Tom nominated and not Dina. Tamar immediately pegged Jonathan’s move to protect Dina. Hmm, a battle between Tamar and Jonathan might be interesting to say the least.

“Celebrity Big Brother” airs on CBS on Wednesday at 8 p.m. and the first celebrity is sent packing on Friday during the live eviction starting at 8 p.m.