HOLLYWOOD—The pace that things are moving in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house is at a feverish pitch and I mean feverish. We’ve already seen two celebrities get the boot, first Teddi Mellencamp, who was actually fighting her ass off to stay in the house and then Olympian Mirai Nagasu saw her game come to an end on Monday.

I will admit I thought the ‘Mon Won’ twist was excellent. It forced people to show their cards to a degree, especially with the reveal that the last person wearing the hat in an expected twist, not ONLY would become a nominee, but would have to swap places with one of the nominees people! It was all up to Chris Kattan, who chose to save Lamar, which made Todd Bridges a nominee. Let’s be honest Todd can go home, he’s not doing much but sleeping. I would have rather had Teddi who was fighting. It’s always fun to have people in the game who want to be there. Chris Kirkpatrick won a crapshoot to become the next HOH and had his sights set on Mirai. Really? Two weeks in a row and this woman is a target why?

Hello, you all should be going after Miesha and I don’t want to hear it’s too soon to make a move. Guess what, there are only like 2 weeks left in the game, it is now or never, this game moves at a feverish pitch with 2 celebrities going home a week, and we’re sure to have a double eviction on February 18, where we will see 3 celebrities go home in a single week.

Chris didn’t want to target obvious threats in Cynthia and Carson who are on an island and mad as hell at Shanna and Todrick. Must admit I’m impressed by Shanna, she’s smarter than people think. Shanna and Carson opened those blinders and realized that Todrick is not loyal and you better strike at him before he strikes at you. Todrick is a messy player and I can only hope he gets his comeuppance because it will be delicious TV to witness people, especially if he gets backdoored or blindsided. I knew he was going to be the character on my screen who wants to be the center of attention and it’s just annoying and not fun to watch him on TV people.

Lamar, what is he doing? Todd I barely see on TV, both of them can go if that means Mirai or even Chris Kattan get to stay. Kattan is hilarious people, the comic relief we all need. Kattan sneaking to eat that cake in the middle of the night had me bursting in tears people. Just hilarious. Monday was eviction night and it was a nail bitter as a live Power of Veto competition would determine Mirai’s fate and a few others in the house. There was a master plan to back door Todrick and I was giddy hoping to see this happen. Guess what, half the house knows, but unfortunately the house still decided to boot Mirai after Shanna won the Power of Veto. I mean this is the time to make a move take out Miesha or Todrick, nope you take out the houseguest who really didn’t have any allies people. You don’t talk about such a move and not follow thru on it because it lingers meaning anyone can spill that tea to Todrick or Miesha about that move and then guess what Chris K, you’re an immediate target.

I mean Chris Kattan wanted to go home he asked to go home and the house still ignored his pleas. He did NOT look happy people and I rather you let the people who want to play the game and let those who want out to be out. The fate of the season was hanging on the wings of this next HOH, I was crossing my fingers for anyone except Miesha and Todrick winning, but the BB Gods, even in the world of ‘Celebrity’ will not give the fans what we want. As Miesha, become the new HOH, so that means in less than a week, this woman has already claimed two HOHs. If that does NOT scream target to the houseguests I don’t know what will.

She has very little tact, and her social game is abysmal, both her and Todrick. They have to be sitting next to each other to win in the end, but we all know that will NOT happen, because everyone wants Miesha’s head on a silver platter and if not her than Todrick. They are seen as a duo, same with Carson and Cynthia who found themselves nominated people. Carson is the target, and he won one competition, Todrick, you’re doing a bit much. Think about this all the houseguests are on the jury and will vote, so they can see the feeds and everything you say about them.

So the POV would be vital this week. Carson wins I have no clue who is the replacement, Carson doesn’t win he goes home. I’ve so been rooting for Carson to be victorious because I want to see Todrick and Miesha scramble and expose themselves as a result people. Well, we have a new Veto Queen, in Shana who won her second POV in the same week and a big move is in play people, but another surprise transpired. A celebrity left the game, and it was someone who was quite funny. Yes, people, Chris Kattan left the game so we have eight people left and an eviction was looming and plotting was taking place.

Shanna wanted to use the POV on Carson, which means Todrick and Miesha would be livid, a war would be ignited and the “Celebrity Big Brother” house would be must see TV. Will it happen, will Shanna and Chris Kirkpatrick make this move? It is moving in that direction and it would be some must see TV that as a fan I want to see unfold. So far things have been exciting because there are people who want to play this season on “Celebrity Big Brother.”