UNITED STATES—The world of celebrity is something that many everyday Americans will never understand, but a recent report by a media outlet got me thinking, should celebs be a bit more humble. I refrain from listing the celebs involved in the story because to be honest I don’t think it matters. As an American, it is slightly upsetting to hear the list of demands that some celebrities aim for because of their notoriety.

Yes, you might be a celebrity, but at the end of the day, we hear the countless complaints about wanting to be treated just like everyone else, but how in the hell can you expect that when you’re acting holier than ever on your high horse. You have loads of cash, a beckon of people at your feet; you snap your fingers and they come crawling.

So when I hear about celebrities who have a list of DEMANDS on their tour bus, hotel rooms or a bevy of other places it leaves me wondering: are you really like the everyday person? I mean if you want a specific type of food, order it. You want distinct liquor, have someone go get it! Need a specific type of tissue at your every call (yes, I know this sounds ludicrous, but there are actual celebrities who demand this), bring it with you.

We talk so much about how everyone in America is the same, but when you hear stories like this it leaves a sour taste in your mouth. Not just for the notion of what it means to be a celebrity, but when you hear these things about some of your favorite celebrities. To be honest, I lose a bit of respect for them. It brings me back to that good ole saying about “having a slice of humble pie.” Some celebrities get so big, they fail to realize all it takes is a snap of the finger and all that fame and glory can be taken away from you without a second thought.

Everyday people make celebrities famous, the media intensifies that spotlight on fame, but without fans, a celebrity can lose their stardom overnight. It happens to so MANY celebs it’s crazy just thinking about it. Do you know what makes matters worse? A lot of celebrities fail to realize it until it’s too late. We live in a world where people with power, um, I mean people with money have so many others doing their bidding day in and day out, and rarely show appreciation for it.

They’re on top, you’re on the bottom, whatever I say or want goes, and everything else doesn’t even matter. Could you imagine if all Americans acted like some of the entitled celebrities out there? Gosh, it would be the beginning of the end for the planet. You’re a celebrity for Christ-sake how about you try showing a bit of dignity and decorum and start acting like it.

Just because your fame allows you to demand crazy things, doesn’t mean it should become the talk of the news. I guess that is why so many of us aren’t celebrities, if we were we’d lose ourselves with the snap of a finger, especially if the world operated in a way where whatever we wanted we got. Oops did I say that?